Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finley // Week 16

** Mommy is a little behind on posts and I don't recommend going by memory... Ahh!! My laptop is telling me my memory is almost full and you can only imagine how slow it is. Sooo I have taken over Daddy's laptop until I can get to Apple for a little technical help.

Your spitting up seems to be better since you are back on your medication..
However, now you seem to be having a problem with constipation. You will have a couple of diapers that have hardly nothing in them and then the next one will be a blowout! Literally a blowout.. up the front of your diaper, out the back, and all over your clothes. The last one you had, I laid you on the changing table and as soon as I started strategically taking off your clothes, you started laughing! Little stinker! It was so funny. Your Daddy came in the nursery in the middle of all of this and he couldn't take the scene or the smell so he exited pretty quickly! (I apologize in advance if this embarasses you later on when you are old enough to read these posts. ;))

Your next checkup is November 30th and we made it this far from 2 month checkup without having to take you to the doctor for anything. We are so thankful for how healthy you are!

We are still using Orajel for your gums and I really do think your teething necklace helps you as well.

You found your thumb falling asleep..


Still 6 oz about every 4 hours, sometimes it's sooner than that.

Look at your full belly! You are happy happy happy!

These pictures remind me of my brother Blake.. I recall some of his baby pictures looking very similar to you here..

Your hands are always moving and you find them all the time and will stare at them. I love watching you figure things out.

Tamela gifted you some teething toys and I washed them up for you as soon as you started showing signs of teething. It took you a few times to get used to the elephant but now you seem to be OK with it! The trunk moves, it also rattles, and it plays music.

You are getting better and better at grasping objects and your Daddy still seems to think you are going to be a lefty!

Haha this picture cracks me up.


Sometimes you will sleep all thru the night but this week you woke up several times to eat in the middle of the night. Your Daddy is so good to get up with you and let Mommy get some sleep.. Even tho most times I hear you and I have to get up and check on y'all.


 You have been getting tons of kisses from the puppies lately!

And Kyli has turned into a guard dog when she's not begging for attention herself. She got hurt and Mommy loved on her a lot and she's gotten a little jealous lately.


 You are still loving church! You were a little more alert on this particular Sunday, so I took you out of the carseat and you sat in my lap and just looked and looked around the remainder of the service. Bless your heart you looked like a bobble head looking around. I noticed you kept looking to the left a lot and finally I looked over and these two girls were telling you hey, waving, and smiling at you. You were taking it all in!

I could smooch your pouty little lips all day! 

You really are just all smiles when we talk to you! We have so much fun talking to you and seeing your reaction!

We do a little bit of tummy time everyday!

 Another one of your teethers.. this one is your favorite!

I love these leggings!!

Last Wednesday we had a GORGEOUS day of sunshine!! We got outside for awhile and it was so refreshing after being cooped up inside for over 2 weeks of rain!!
You love being outside!

Sandi, Poppy, and Bo enjoyed the afternoon with us too.

Love how they are all lined up perfectly even!

And, we love to wear non matching patterns.. we start out matching in the morning and if we have to change shirts due to spit up, we just rock a crazy outfit!


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