Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fallyn // Week 15


Happy Healthy Baby! We are so so thankful we have had happy, healthy babies. I feel like some of your afternoon fussiness is going away but you do still get fussy a little bit. You love the Mamaroo a WHOLE lot more than Finley ever did! I still don't know if you just don't like being on your back, if it's reflux that bothers you or what but sometimes it doesn't last very long.
You still don't like to be in your carseat BUT one afternoon when we went fishing, you did FINALLY fall asleep and even continued to stay asleep for a good little while after we parked.

You still have some cradle cap but its more in the crown area now. Your skin is SO soft and squishy and Mommy just loves those double chin roll smoochies I steal every chance I get!!


.. Like a champ! You've started taking 5 oz at some feedings but still it's not consistent. There are even mornings when you don't take anything but 2 oz IF THAT at your 8ish feeding.

Sweet sisters!

Love that I got a pic of you with at least one of the Pups!

Happy smiles in church!


You are still going to bed between 9:30 and 10:30 PM. Then you wake again between 3 and 4 most of the time and take about 4 or 5 oz. Sometimes its been 6 but maybe just once or twice. And even then I'm not sure because so much of it comes out your mouth and your shirt will be soaked. You are SO hungry when you wake up that you are snorting like a little piggy. I try to change your diaper before you start taking your bottle but you get so angry and you are getting LOUD little one. I'm so scared Fin is going to hear you and wake up screaming too. Ha! 
If I try to give you half the bottle and then change your diaper then, you still scream and get so angry. You just want to eat! 
You go right back to sleep tho and sometimes I can NOT get you to burp... Later on I will hear you squirming around and then I will hear the loudest belch. I guess because you are already on your stomach you just work it out with all that wiggling.
After you wake again between 6 and 8, depending on how early your previous feeding is, you will stay awake until about 10 or so and then you take a REALLY long nap.

We FINALLY got your crib up!! I am SO EXCITED!! Your room is finally coming together and I've gotten a lot of stuff done in there to make it more yours sweet baby! I've let you nap in it during the day and I know that you are loving all the extra room. At night I've still got you in our room because there isn't a door yet to your room and it's right across from Fin's. I'm scared I won't get to you in time before she hears you crying and I don't want her to wake up as well.

We've been so blessed yet again with gift cards and money from clients, friends, and family -- I want to use those to get a new rug for your room, a clothes hamper, maybe some wall decor.. or I may just save that for pictures.

Wheezie came by to see y'all before she left for the beach.

Finley loves your crib too and she had to test it out.


You are all smiles and we can talk to you and you just light up! It melts Mommy's heart. Your little personality is really starting to come out!

Kyli hangs around so much and loves being around kissing on you gals.

When you get really fussy the only place that I can get you calmed down is by rocking you in the rocking chair. Sometimes you'll pass out by the end of your bottle and most of the time you want on my shoulder and I can pat your back and I will just feel your whole body relax and before I know it you are passed out.

Ou'side with the family! Fin LOVES to be outside so we have spent many mornings on the front porch. Daddy is home right now and we are all loving it!

I don't think you have found your toes yet but you are starting to lift them towards your face. It doesn't last long and you are always moving!

Passed out when we went fishing!

Oh my goodness! The night you slept 11 hours!! You must have been tired and it was wonderful for all of us to get some sleep. Kiss kiss.

One of my fave pictures! Everyone was so happy!! And you look SO long here! I think you are going to be tall like your Daddy. You are in some 3-6 pajamas already just because of the length. 

Loving the Mamaroo!

Love to see you with a bow on your head. You girls may get me for that when y'all get older.
So cute!


Goodness this part is a long time coming....
Well, at my 6 weeks checkup, I finally asked how much weight I had gained with this pregnancy.
At 6 weeks, I had already lost 11lbs so that made 22 left before I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Which I was so sick in the beginning, I had lost even more weight when we went for my first ultrasound and checkup. It was probably muscle from not working out hardly.

I haven't weighed myself lately because just in the past week have I REALLY been able to work out again. I started working out HARD the day after I got released at my 6 week checkup. I started with the 21 Day Fix. It was great and Shane agreed he thought it was a great beginner for me, but I was honestly ready to get back to t25. It felt SO GOOD!! #bananasyo
Well, for the previous month, I had to take off because I had some sciatic nerve issues and if that wasn't it, I don't know what it was. It was SO painful!!! It got to the point where it was so painful and tight, that I walked with a limp and a stiff leg. I couldn't hardly move with the girls and all I wanted to do was lay around. Aint nobody got time fo dat. It was ridiculous. 

During that time, I also lost 7 lbs in one week due to some stressful situations. Since, I've gained a few pounds of that back. If I could have the time to food prep, I know I could do so much better. I find myself making peanut butter bites and just making that my meals thought out the day. Not good. Or I've been eating cereal at night. Which to me, isn't good either.
BUT, regardless, I've started working out again, and even stretching!!, and I don't have any pain which I'm SOOOO thankful for!!
I'm getting a free pass next week to try some spin classes at a new gym. I'm so excited and I can not wait!! I would really like to try OrangeTheory but the closest one from me is about 35 minutes and thats just too far to travel IMO.
 I'm starting to be able to wear SOME of my tops, but still in leggings or maternity pants. I know I'm only 3 1/2 months out, but I'm ready to wear some pants and not feel this elastic band around my waist. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fallyn // Week 14


Healthy and happy!
You've had some major cradle cap going on the past month or so ... it will get better and then go back and get better again. I've been treating it with Rejuveniqe Oil and then following up with Renew shampoo when I do a treatment before shampooing. I'll scrub your head with the baby brush and it's amazing how much comes off with no irritation and is so smooth! You also started having some dry flaky skin behind your ears and Rejuveniqe has cleared that up as well. #monatforthewin

Finley poured ALL of your reflux medicine out in the floor and on my ring sling. After you not being on it for a couple days, your spit up was very sour and I noticed that you did throw up. You were very uncomfortable! We've since got you back on meds and all is good again!

Love these early morning cuddles. Mommy just couldn't get up this particular morning so I laid you right beside me and before I knew it both of us were asleep. You had been awake and I could feel your arms moving ... I must have dozed off and when I came to you were asleep and fell asleep without even fussing! I wish we had more of these mornings and days together sweet girl just like I did with Fin.

Smiles ALL the time!!


On the night of August 1, you ate 4 oz at 8, you ate a few more around 9:15ish PM, 5 oz at 12:30AM, 3 or 4 more at 3:15AM, and then again around 6:30ish that morning. 
Oh. My. Goodness.
I don't know if you were having some kind of growth spurt or what but you just couldn't get satisfied! That day, I started putting cereal in your night time bottle. Boy would some people probably roast me but there have been several times I've waken up and you are gnawing on your fist and snorting like a pig like you haven't had anything in days. It's really pitiful. I think it's really helping you. You will still snack a lot in the evening around 8 and 9ish and get up between 4AM and 6AM to eat again. Sometimes you get off schedule and you will wake up around midnight and then again at 5.


You are still in Wheezie crib in our bedroom. I know we need to get your big bed up and get you in your room but it just hasn't happened yet. Daddy has been traveling and none of the living room furniture has even been moved out. When you get up in the middle of the night, you go right back to sleep for another 4 or 5 hours. Then in the early morning feeding, you will stay up for a little bit but then you want to go right back to sleep for a very long mid morning nap.
You are still fussy in the late evenings and you are up and down cat napping until you crash between 9:30 and 10:30. There have been a couple nights where you've gotten off schedule and you've gone to bed at 11 and 11:30PM. Whew!!

I can't even with these precious smiles.


We went to a Ruby's birthday party! Everyone just fell all over you and Fin Fin and you were just so chill the whole time! It took us about an hour to get to Georgia's house and you screamed almost the whole entire time back home. Not as much going there but it was still a good bit.

Morning time with Da Da!

You smile at Fin Fin all the time when she talks to you.

Church smiles! I haven't taken you to the nursery yet but maybe I will soon.

After bath time!

Fist in the mouth a lot more lately. Fin started eating foods around 4 months and I wonder if you will be ready to do the same in a few weeks.

Gomer (Stephany) gave us this seat and you love it! You are really starting to look around and enjoy being able to see everything.

Da Da loves these pajamas!

You have tried to hold you bottle a couple times now but most of the time you latch onto my fingers. Ahhh! Love it so much!

Milk coma means snuggles snuggles.

I LOVE this picture of you and Fin. It cracks me up how Elmo is photo bombing in the background! Ha!

Sweet face.

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