Saturday, August 5, 2017

Finley // 21 Months

Finley, continuing on with the past few months of you growing so quickly!


We soak up all the warm weather we can and you even picked me flowers. So sweet.

Zoom zoom.

Night time snuggles! All 3 of us.. me, you, and Sissy.

We had been shopping for new clothes for you since you had outgrown a lot of your stuff. Anytime we go shopping you love to take everything out of the bags and you oooo and aaahhh over them.

Play-doh fun!!

Showing Daddy your new Matilda Jane!

I was in the bathroom and you came in like this and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Nap time on the couch!

You love love love some "bubbas"! Your new favorite thing.

 You love to swing! 


Sweet naps with Daddy.

You first Easter egg hunt!
 We all had SO much fun with you hunting eggs.

You were so mad that I gave Daddy my phone to take a picture of us.

This particular night you wanted both of us with you in your room. It was so sweet how you "called" us into your room. It was great being home together as a family.

Still love to vacuum!

Running to get hugs from Daddy!

You LOVE stickers too. Those are another of your new favorites. And you decorate anything and everything with them.

La La came and cooked dinner for us one night! It was wonderful and you loved cooking with her.

And Dancing..

Playing with your eggs in our new living room. The old living room became Sissy's nursery.

 This was your first night without your Paci. A few days before this, the Paci ripped off your caterpillar and on this day when I went to get you that morning it had fallen behind your crib and you weren't even looking for it. You had missed naps 2 days in a row, so we took advantage of you passing out at night and not giving it back to you. You did SO good to be SO attached to it. I know there were times where you wondered where it was and really wanted it but it was time to not have it anymore.

Sunglasses at breakfast!

You love dancing and watching with Elmo and friends on Sesame Street!

This was Mommy's first day home from the hospital from delivering Sissy. I missed you so much!! And, it was great to get hugs and kisses and time with you every second I could get.


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