Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fallyn // Week 13

Fallyn, you turned 3 months on July 27th. Can't believe you are this old already! Time is going by so fast and I'm so thankful that I only have to 'work' two days a week now so I can be home with you and Fin Fin. You bring so much joy to us and we are so thankful you are a happy, healthy baby!


You are such a happy, healthy baby! We are so thankful! The only thing that I really think that bothers you is your reflux.. you are still on medicine for it and we give you gas drops as well. I feel like your fussy phase in the afternoon and evenings has definitely calmed down some but there have been a couple nights where there has been a few minutes that nothing satisfied you and we couldn't calm you down. I don't know if you just got passed the hungry stage of being hangry or if you were over tired and couldn't fall asleep. I thought after being on medicine that you would want to lay or sleep on your back but you really don't. You will play on your back for a few minutes but not very long. You HATE being in your carseat. I wish I knew if it was just the car seat or if you don't like the position.
I've still been catching you with your fingers/fist in your mouth and I am wondering if you are teething this early?? It seems way too soon for that but your Daddy even asked about that.


For the most part you still won't take more than 4 oz at a time. In the evenings you eat the most -- Like you will have a bottle around 6ish, 8ish, 11ish, then maybe make it to 5 or 6AM and then sleep another 4 hours and have another bottle then. And sometimes when you wake up after those extra 4 hours, you will only take a couple of oz, play for a little bit and then go back to sleep for a super long nap.


I love your cuddles when you are sleeping! Well, Mommy loves your cuddles regardless and I love to kiss your squishy chin rolls. 


Smiling smiling smiling!! 

La La took us to Fort Yargo one early morning and you passed out for SO LONG! I even thought you'd be ready to eat as soon as you woke up, I made a bottle, and I thought I was going to have to throw the whole thing out because you were just content as could be and was not interested.

We got home and Sissy napped and me and you napped after I fed you, and you were happy happy!!
You even rolled over TWICE (July 26) from your stomach to your back! I was so shocked when I came to get you and found you that way.

Fin fin loovveess you little girl! I know you've heard me say that over and over and I hope you feel the love from everyone.

Sweet sleep.

Love your huge grins!!

Must be dreaming about something wonderful!


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