Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Finley // 18 - 20 Months

Finley, you are growing, growing, growing! You are actually TWO now! Whhhaa?? But Mommy has gotten so far behind on your posts with how busy our lives are! So here I am trying to catch up in hopes that you will have this to look back on one day. I know I sure have enjoyed going back and reading what you were up to and each milestone you've reached. Here a few highlights and some of my faves from these past few months.


We found out in August your Sissy was coming along and as my belly got bigger and we told you there was a baby in there you just loved and loved on her. You loved on your Sissy A LOT and right up before she arrived, too.

Family snuggles on the couch! You are always so so happy and we love it!

This was at the end of January. I can't believe how red your hair looks here. And I thought your hair was long here but its really grown in the past few months.

We've spent lots of lazy days on the couch since Mommy found out she was pregnant. Too much in my opinion but I was really sick for awhile and very tired.  I love how we would just lay together and you crawl all over me.


We took this photo op on a warm day to take these for Mimi for her birthday. Love this little outfit and you enjoyed being outside! Mommy put them on canvas' for her and she loved them!

Visiting with Mama Jane!

You took a tumble not too long after this picture was taken... You had gotten very brave with climbing over the sides of your pink chair and even trying to go over it backwards. It was too close to your crib and you toppled over the back of it and hit your head on one of the boards. It left a nasty looking bump and bruise but it was gone almost by the next day! You didn't cry very long at all.

Kisses from Daddy and you love those Elmo slippers!

This necklace came with an outfit Mimi got you and would wear it a good bit. Your hair also started getting long enough where I could finally put a clip in it. 

All 3 of my sweet babies. My first 4 legged baby, Kyli, then you and your Sissy. You love all the puppies and I'm so glad y'all get along.

We got you this Minnie vacuum cleaner for Christmas and you love it.. even now 7 months later! You were seriously cracking me up this day "on the phone" and cleaning. I wish this thing really did work because you are ALL about pushing it around!

This was such a chill, cuddle day. It's almost as if during this time you knew Mommy didn't feel her best and you would just hang out with me on the couch while we watched cartoons or you would play in the floor around me.

Mimi (Kim) got this super cute outfit for you! You rocked it!

We visited Daddy at the ball field after church! You walked all around one of batting cages outside and had fun throwing the ball inside the facility after Daddy finished his lesson.

For Valentine's Day, you and "Hadee" continued the picture taking tradition for Mimi! So there is a little story behind this day... You didn't want Hadlee touching ANY of your toys. And I mean nothing.  You cried and you cried and you cried but eventually you settled down and we were able to get some really cute pictures together. Even by the end, you even gave Hadlee one of your toys to play with and y'all hugged it out in the end. Since, we have learned to share a little more. Ha.

You were EXHAUSTED after all that and so much that you fell asleep in my arms the way I used to hold you when you were a tiny baby. I soaked up every second of this moment and didn't want to lay you down. 

Just hanging out at home with your Elmo and we may or may not have been playing dress up.
You loved these slippers, too.

Nap time.

When we are in the bathroom, you go thru all the drawers. One morning while I was getting ready you found this scarf and insisted that I put it on you. It was so cute. And then you ran to show your Daddy. You loved it. 

Daddy loves Fin Fin! 
We have since moved into our new living room but I think you really miss this old living room. The couches are still in there and I've caught you in there a few times just hanging out on the couch.

This is one of my fave pictures of you.
Looking at all these pics I can't believe how much you have grown and changed in such a short amount of time.

Visiting at Mama Jane's with Gigi!

You love putting Mommy's bracelets on and you'll say "oooohhhhh" and hold your arms out.

I got your potty out because you were showing interest in it.. once I got it out you really didn't want anything to do with it and would only sit on it correctly before bath time.
But you kinda got the idea here. wink wink.

Spontaneous lunch date with Daddy at Ruby Tuesday's!

You love being outside and when it's warm but not too hot, we always soak it up.

Love your pouty lips!!

I don't remember why we went to Home Depot but for whatever reason we were in this section and you enjoyed playing with these locks.

You love your Gigi!

More bracelet fun!

Seriously you have a great imagination and just keep me in stitches sometimes. Here you are taking a selfie and just chilling in your crib.


Big girl reading her book! You LOVE to read!!

We went to visit Brynn and Briggs and to meet Peppa the Pig. 

You didn't mind her at all and wanted to pet her the whole time and even played in the hay!

And you give out hugs like it's your job.

So sweet!!

I thought I would never get you out of this swing! But you finally did and you loved sliding down the slide with Brynn and Briggs!

We went to our FIRST Gym Dog's meet!!

The sweetest!

Haha love this picture of you! So grown up.

Soooooo one morning I was getting ready in the bathroom, I heard you crying, and later on found out that your Daddy fell asleep while y'all were in the living room. He woke up to you adding some art on the wall. You were crying because he took your crayon away. 
You were SO PROUD!!
And, it's still there.

Exercising with Mommy!! You know where all the equipment is kept and you get it out when we start and put it up when we finish.

The girls from the salon gave us a baby shower for your Sissy and we got to hang out with Hadlee and Briggs. You did NOT feel good this morning and Mommy didn't either. You woke up feeling bad with teething or a cold and Mommy had major insomnia the night before and I think got about an hour of sleep.

Daddy's home and made us some breakfast!

You love your house that Mimi and Big Pop got your for Christmas!

New hair do! I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly you got into Mommy's crack cream.

You love spaghetti!

And little miss you found your nostril and you think it's so funny to put your fingers in your nose. Ha!

You love your chair and now you wrap up with your blanket.

Brushing our teeth and busy body on the laptop.

Nap time with Daddy! You fell asleep typing on your laptop.

Briggs's Birthday party! You had so much fun and even ate a Brownie.

You love to give out hugs too.

We got to see Ty Ty after the birthday party visiting at Mama Jane's house since Briggs's and Whitney live so close to Mama Jane's.

Gigi spent the night with us one night and you loved it!

Nap time while visiting Mama Jane!

hanging out with Daddy before bedtime. Your favorite movie around this time was Thomas the Train.

Nap time with Mommy! Love your snuggles.

You and Kyli have so much fun! We have to watch you because you want her to kiss you on the mouth and we just can't have that. Yuck.

Putting lotion on Mommy's tired legs and feet! Love it love it.


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