Monday, April 17, 2017

Goooo Dawgs! // Our 1st Gym Dawgs Meet

After baby dedication, Finley and I attended our first Georgia Gym Dawgs meet! This is another thing that I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. Like, for years. And every year, I say that I'm going to buy tickets and it never happens. 
So one weekend Whitney and her family went and everything just went from there and we got our own tickets. 
After church, Shane took us thru the drive thru to get food, we got back to the house, she finally woke up from her nap, I changed while he changed her in the car and we were on our way. Of course, it wouldn't be true Hopper fashion if we weren't late and due to traffic we were. I think we missed a whole segment of the vault routine. 
I finally got parked, me and Finley walked for what seemed like FOREVER, we found our gate, Whitney and Brynn found us, we got something to drink and finally got to our seats. OMG what a hike.
I felt so bad we were late and it truly seemed like we were there for 30 minutes. There was a lot going on around the coliseum that day too.. a baseball game and something else.
For what we did make it there for, it was SO much fun and I can't wait to get back! We have wondered what Finley will do when she gets older and gymnastics has been brought up in conversation. She enjoyed it too! The music and the lights and she seemed very engaged in what was going on. I didn't quite know how she would react just sitting and watching for her age especially but she did so good!

I've tried to find activities that we can do together before FSH gets here and I'm so thankful to have this memory with Finley.  I will cherish it for all time!


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