Tuesday, April 11, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 35 - 36 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 36 Weeks officially

BABY SIZE// head of romaine lettuce


I've been pretty crampy the past week off and on and I still think experiencing lower back labor?? I've felt pretty heavy in the front and I've been wearing a support band.. although it presses on my bladder and I just feel like I have to pee even more. Maybe I'm not wearing it right but I've adjusted it different positions as well. 
I'm not quite sure if the pollen is having a lot to do with this as well but I've been getting really sleepy at times and been having some HORRIBLE headaches. Even Finley has been stuffy and cranky after we come back in from playing outside. And let me tell you just FYI, the kid LOVES to be outside and we've had some major meltdowns trying to get her back in the house. Oh. my.
I use the restroom a lot at night..
Work is getting more challenging but I'm hanging in there. I really need someone to shampoo for me but I'm making it work and I've cut down my hours a lot.
I haven't had any swelling until yesterday and its only in my right foot. So strange. I'm pretty sure if memory serves me correctly, I did this with Finley as well. 
I feel a lot of pressure! I was cleaning the living room closet out the other day, and I got almost finished and I felt like she had really dropped. Shane kept telling me to sit down.. I wonder if I made him nervous! Ha! The next day at work, I can't tell you how many people told me how low I looked. 

I did have a Dr appt today (4.10) .. I really thought maybe they would check me telling them I've been cramping and having pains in my lower back but they didn't. They will next Monday and told me if I had any problems before then to let them know. My BP, weight, urine was good they said and FSH heartbeat was 135. She wasn't putting on a show this time like she normally has.. please don't have your days and nights mixed up little girl! Which by her movement right now and the dance party she's having in my belly tells me otherwise. Yikes!


Yes and Shane's t-shirts!


For the most part it's gotten better but there have been several times I will wake up pretty early and not be able to go back to sleep until day light. I want to go ahead and get up and get going but I just can't do it. I've been so miserable later on in the day when I've done that.
I'm literally sleeping in the bed sideways. It's the only way I can get somewhat comfortable. I have a body pillow on my left side and on the right side I just use two pillows and then I have another pillow behind my head and one I hold on to. Who are these people that only sleep with one pillow?! I have yet to figure out how to do that. 


All over the place!


Barberitos quesadilla, Dr Pepper, Planet Smoothies, Kashi cinnamon harvest wheat cereal, and I am CRUSHING some Advocare Red Raspberry Rehydrate and Cherry Spark mixed. .. these aren't cravings but they are good to me right now: Fage Key Lime yogurt, La Croix waters,


its a girl!


Moving around easily, sleeping on my back, normal clothes, 


I haven't done anything in a few weeks and it's definitely crossed my mind but hasn't happened.
I've wanted to do arms especially but I think at this point carrying around Finley has been enough for me.


I feel like I've been pretty good. The porch hasn't even been started on and here we are a couple weeks out but I guess that's in true Hopper fashion. Like I said, I just will NOT be here while construction is going on if it doesn't get done before baby arrives.


I did have one Saturday night about delivery. I was pushing and the epidural wore off and I could feel everything and I just remember screaming my head off in pain. The next morning at church, one of our sweet members asked could he pray for me and he specifically prayed for a smooth delivery and for the rest of my pregnancy to be smooth and easy as well. It was wonderful and I'm so thankful for those prayers!


We talked tonight and one of his comments was : "I feel like we are getting hit with everything at once." Yes, that's how it always happens right?


For the trillionth time, the hefts need bark collars. Can't take it anymore but who hasn't gone and gotten them anything??


We went and ate for my Birthday at Houndstooth Grill where we had our rehearsal dinner. It was delicious!!

The girls also took me to lunch at Cheddars and to this place called the Foot Palace. OMG. They massage your legs and your feet and your upper body including your scalp if you choose to, all while lounging in these huge sofa type chairs with a blanket and pillows. 

The week before Amber took me to float ... if you've never done this before you gotta do it!


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