Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 38 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 38 weeks

BABY SIZE//  about the size of a leek


I guess just the normal uncomfortable I'm-ready-to-deliver symptoms. My back is killing me and I've really wanted to get a massage but I haven't made the time for it nor have I wanted to spend the money on it either. Yesterday, me and a couple of friends did sneak off to the Foot Palace and I got a little massage there and it was WONDERFUL. The girl I got was amazing too. I'll be requesting her next time. 
I'm constantly peeing and I honestly wonder at times am I leaking fluid or just peeing on myself because of obvious reasons. 
My right ankle has started to swell and my right foot has still been hurting. It did the same thing with Finley and I'm not quite sure what has caused this but ready for it to be over. My joints are starting to hurt too in my legs... extra weight??
I've gotten several new batches of stretch marks. I've been using oils and lotions and whatever I can find like crazy and more just keep popping up. I'm praying they fade and won't be horrible after I start healing. And the weird thing is, is my friends and family have been telling me I don't look that big but my skin just continues to stretch and stretch. I wish I would've just gone ahead and taken these belly pics the same way I did with Finley to really get a comparison. I chose to do it this way because had I had to move everything I did the last time, it probably would've woken her up being right outside her door.


Yes .. I wash my leggings ALL the time and clothes are on repeat. Today I tried to wear my maternity jeans and I couldn't even pull them up comfortably. I was talking to Finley while I was trying to put them on and I said "nope Finley .. they are TOO TIGHT!" And she repeated, "tooo tight". I busted out laughing. It was hilarious! 


Sleep has been OK. I've gone back to sleeping the correct way in the bed surrounded by tons and tons of pillows and its been OK but just waking up takes a toll. I think last night I slept under the fan being too high and now I have a sore throat, my head is killing me, and I've had a runny nose. I'm praying it goes away. I'm so frustrated with that because I really don't have time to be sick.


Still moving like crazy and yesterday I literally thought she was going to jump out of my Britney. It was SO uncomfortable and hurt so bad.


Ice, ice and more ice. I was told my several people I have an iron deficiency. I really haven't had that ONE craving where I just feel like I can't be without something. 


Its a girl!


Being comfortable, exercising, my prepregnancy body.


None. I feel like hauling Finley around is enough for me right now.


I cried a lot this week on Wednesday.. my Mom went to the ER on Tuesday for chest pains (everything is OK now, it was all stress induced and she went into an exercise program way too fast and hard), there was some family drama in a couple of areas this week and between that, having the cleaning lady and the carpet cleaners AND construction going on at the same time with a Min Pin that doesn't know how to stop barking... I completely lost it. But it only lasted a little bit and then I was good.


I know I've had a few but nothing that I can bring back to memory.


He has been in a great mood and I think he's ready to meet FSH.!


They don't know what to think about all this commotion and since we've had the carpets cleaned they have slept in the kennels every night! When they can learn not to pee in the floor then maybe they'll earn a night off... but until then.... 


Getting farther along with the back porch! It's been great seeing its progress.

Having Amber over to spoil us by cooking us lunch and getting to play with Finley and it also allowed me to get a little bit of stuff done myself.

Going to the Foot Palace and having more girl time ... spending some alone time with Finley before Baby #2 gets here ... continuing to have a healthy pregnancy ...
and God continues to bless my new business that I'm apart of and I'm SO very thankful for that! Especially how its going to help us while I'm out on maternity leave.


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