Monday, April 17, 2017

Finley is Dedicated

March 5th was a very special day in our family as we dedicated Finley at our church. 
This is something that I've definitely wanted to do for quite some time now and I'm so thankful that it finally happened. 

She was so good during the whole service until we got called up to the front and she lost it. I think she was hungry, it was nap time, and It think she wanted the camera and could see it in the distance.
I felt SO bad for all the other families because Pastor Arlene prayed over each child individually and all I thought was, oh my goodness they can't even hear their prayer.
I must have had a mortified look on my face because she kept reassuring me it was OK. We got thru it tho and Finley passed out on the way home. HA!

Family that was present: Weezie, Gamma and Pa, Tacie, Gigi, Mama Jane, La La, and Savannah.


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