Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 34 Weeks

written on 3/27
HOW FAR ALONG// 34 weeks

No chalkboard bumpdate picture for this week. Boo.

BABY SIZE// About the size of a canteloupe


I have had some major insomnia continue. Saturday night I broke down and bought some unisom and it made me feel very weird. I think I even slept texted and read messages because the next day, I had people messaging me again and I vaguely remembered reading and sending text messages.  I haven't taken it since. Waste of $11. This is going to sound crazy but I slept almost sideways in our bed last night and I think it made a difference in my sleep. I had pillows all around me and just felt like I was in a new bed. And I took a Tylenol before bed for my lower back. It just constantly throbs. I have even been wearing a belly band for support.
I have a ton more pressure. It's getting very uncomfortable to carry Finley around and just adds to it but I'm trying really hard to keep going. Some days I just lose it and I feel really bad and lousy about myself when I do... the struggle is real. I probably need to quit work but I just have a hard time with that too. Hot mess I tell ya!
I flip flop from left to right side and I think I'd be OK on my left but that pinched nerve feeling is so uncomfortable and almost painful sometimes.
I'm getting up probably 30 times to pee during the night. 
My eyes are still really dry when I wake up and feel like sandpaper but my new contact trials that I got the week before have been really great! I'm still loving my new glasses too and I've gotten used to them even more.
I have a ton more spider veins. Praying some go away that are new. If not, I'll just look like finley drew on me with a blue magic marker.


Yes! Shane's tshirts and gym pants. I put on my maternity jean shorts yesterday because it's so hot here in Georgia and they were very snug in the thighs. Boo. 


Insomnia but did sleep better Sunday night and Monday night.


All over the place! I do love it but it's very uncomfortable when she moves even further down and hits my bladder. Whew! It will make you stop in your tracks!


Beef nachos and Dr Pepper. I've got to kick the habit. I craved sweet tea today but didn't do it.

GENDER// girl!


Being able to move comfortably. I want my body back and to wear normal clothes.


I tried t25 once and had to stop about halfway thru. It just wasn't comfortable. Since its been warmer outside me and Finley have walked the yard and I've pulled her in her wagon. Although, it just about made me pass out the other day. LOL. We had to come inside and sit down for a few minutes.


I've cried the nights I couldn't sleep. There have been moments of frustration and irritation. I think I"ve been too busy to even think about delivery and FSH being here. I am looking forward to the new baby smell that I've seemed to forgotten what that's like. I am looking forward to seeing her face and seeing how Finley reacts with her. I'm praying all with go smoothly. I'm also praying that I will be able to successfully breastfeed, that delivery will go as smooth as Finley's with no tearing this time, and that my nerves will be calm adjusting to having a 2 year old and a newborn.
We still haven't started on the back porch but Shane told me tonight that it shouldn't take a couple weeks for La La's husband to get it done. That he had a few things he had to take care of first before he could start. Praying that gets done too before we bring FSH home.


I haven't slept enough to dream anything.


He's busy with baseball.. he's been talking to my belly more and feeling her kick a lot.. he's been working in the yard and helping a ton with Finley.


Well, Mara keeps rolling in something dead.. Sox won't stay out of horse poop so her new home this week has been the back porch. I know she misses being inside but Shane is over giving her a bath and I certainly can't do it so maybe she will learn. Ha! Kyli just barks at everything and I cannot wait to get her a bark collar!


We had our last ultrasound (3/27) and everything was perfect! FSH had her hand on her forehead.. it was so cute! She opened her mouth a little at times and kicked several times as well. Her head is down and she's weighing in at 5 lbs and 10 oz. Her bottom is laying to my right side which finley was always on my left. Her foot was up high in what should be my ribs it seems like but I have never felt either one of my kids in my ribs. Just more so very low and to the left or right. My right side where her bottom or a knee constantly jabs is very bruised to the touch. The NP told me they score the babies on a BBP or BPP test and FSH made an 8.. the highest you can get.

The Dr said my weight, and BP were great. BP was 110/64. I will go for one more 2 week visit and then we will start going every week. Just can't believe how quickly its gone by!

I recorded her heart beat and we even got more pictures. Which were very blurry to me. I guess because it's so hard at this point to see because they are bigger. The ultrasound tech also told us the heart beat was 128 today but then the doppler said it was 140. I thought that was odd. She had her hand on her forehead, like, "oh its so exhausting being in here"! Too cute!

The salon also gave us a little sprinkle Saturday! It was great and I had a wonderful time. I just wished I hadn't been so sleep deprived. I was a walking zombie. On top of that, I had to wake Finley up to leave and she has been teething something horrible so it just wasn't our day Saturday. I feel so bad for her. She is so miserable and I even think the pollen is getting to her bad. I've given her some natural allergy meds and been coating her gums with Clove. The last couple times I've put it on her she hasn't even fought me. She even passed out on the couch with me Monday night between 8 and 830 and she never does that! I know she was exhausted! 


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