Friday, April 21, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 37 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 37 Weeks

There was a glare on the chalkboard so a little different angle for this belly pic. 

BABY SIZE// bunch of Swiss chard


I am back to not sleeping very well and Sunday night I laid down and actually got very nauseas. I ended up propping myself up for the rest of the night. Sunday I woke up in a hurry of course for church and let the dogs out. Long story short, from the shower, I saw Sox running towards the road. So I jumped out, soaking wet, and when I hit the tile floor in the kitchen, I didn't fall but my body jerked backwards. Later on at church, when I would stand up to walk, it was very difficult. I know I pulled a muscle and even the nurse told me the next day I very well could have down there with everything being this close to delivery.
At my appt Monday, all was fine and I even told her about cramping, no sleep, and nausea the night before. I just knew that I had to have dilated something but nothing had happened and if anything my cervix is MAYBE at 20%. Who knows if she was even able to check me very well because it was so painful I came off the table, tensed up, and was asking her to stop. I do not remember it being that painful the first time I was checked with Finley.
Everything looked good with me as well. Weight, BP, heart beat was 160 (this is the highest it has been but FSH was very active and she said it was just like us. When we get active our heart rate goes up too. I did have a little bit of my Spark drink before I went in so I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it as well??) 
I go back Tuesday so we shall see if anything has changed.


Yes, yes, and yes. Ha. And my new found love has been Matilda Jane pants. They are SOOOOO comfortable and I can't even believe I can wear them right now. I hope they are not so big after delivery that they don't fit. I already found another pair for $40 bucks instead of whatever the original price is (I got my first pair half off for having a party) because I love them so much!! They are packed in my hospital bag. If they are maybe I can just dry them and they will shrink back up.


Off and on but not really that great at all.


Busy bee in Mommy's tummy! Shane has seen her really poke her bottom out at times when we've been on the couch and he just makes comments about how wild that is.


Red Raspberry Rehydrate. I've ordered 3 cans in 3 weeks!!


Its a girl!


Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Moving around comfortably. Spending more time with Finley. It's about to send me over the edge. I didn't want everything happening at once but I know that God has a plan and its not up to me. I wanted to be able to work a couple hours, get Finley and us spend time together and this week has been nuts. We started construction on the back porch for our new living room, the cleaning lady and carpet cleaning lady came in the same day, and then we had a small family emergency in the middle of all of that. Which has turned out to be completely OK but when everything hits, whew it hits!!


No workouts or walking exercise for quite some time now.


I cried today (4/19). Finley left the house in Shane's arms asking for me to "come on" in her words and I couldn't leave the house because of everyone being here. I felt like a piece of dirt and when I got back in the house just lost it. I know that she has to be feeling "what is going on with my Mommy's belly and all this stuff going on in the house?"


I did have an amazing dream and my Pastor interpreted it for me. It's truly amazing and just brings joy to my heart. I'm so thankful for the dreams that I get at night. They are so vivid with color even most times and the meanings are wonderful.


He is completely stressed out because he feels like he can't get anything done. Welcome to the club sweet hubby.


They are being sweet and cuddly! Probably wondering what's going on too but they've been thru this one time already they probably already know ;)


Hearing FSH heartbeat, feeling her sweet movements... I'm trying to take it all in because I know its quickly coming to an end.. getting the porch started and getting the house cleaned. 

Finley was "helping" while Teresa was at our house cleaning!


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