Sunday, January 22, 2017



BABY SIZE// About the size of an ear of corn.

I've been feeling a lot of pressure and my legs are super achy. I have SEVERAL new places on my right leg where spider veins are popping up on top and underneath. Fun times. My nose has been very sensitive this week and I've been sneezing non stop. When I'm not sneezing it's running and very stopped up. I've been using my YL oils which have helped.


Yes and trying to get by still with some of my tunics but I'm going to have to go get some clothes this weekend. I just feel like I've exhausted everything. I've even been trying to wear my LulaRoe leggings and I roll the band down but they are still too tight on my hips and it's so uncomfortable by the end of the day.


It's been off and on.. most nights I feel like I get 4 hours of sleep and that's it. I've been waking up at 4AMish every single time. (When we were at the beach last August, I would wake up around this same time and she shared with me that numbers have meaning... so 411 means information.. that being said, I've just been asking God what does He want to tell me? I'll even pray and at some point I fall somewhat back asleep. If I hear Finley cry out in the least, I'm wide awake. 
I have found my sleep is better when I take my hot baths but I just don't always make it there. I'm almost out of my lavendar bath salts so I'd like to get more.


Yes!! Oh my goodness it seems like all the time and I absolutely love it! Shane has even been able to feel a ton more and he even commented on how wild that was. I need to start videoing but I feel like it would be the same thing with Finley... as soon as I get the camera, she'll stop. Ha!


Nothing really. I've tried to cook better things and I even made a broccoli crust pizza this week. It's so easy to make and so delish! I even started making a meal caleandar every week to help out with what we are going to have for dinner. Now if it gets cooked on that night is a totally different story.



Lots of sleep. Getting around easily. Being smaller.


I can't remember if I did this week or not. I've been telling Shane I really want to get back to the gym and it seems to never work out!


I don't recall anything that's sent me over the edge lately or anything I've gotten upset at.


I know I've had some but nothing I can recall or that's scared me.


He's been trying to get things started to get everything ready for Baby No 2! Yay!!


They are being good puppies!

Finally calling you by name and feeling your sweet kicks ALL the time!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


HOW FAR ALONG// 23 Weeks

missed my chalkboard picture this week

BABY SIZE// About the size of a Mango

I have felt pretty good this week. For the past few weeks, I've been getting up with Finley and getting our day started. Somedays tho by the time we get up, eat breakfast, and play for a bit I'm ready for a nap. When I was pregnant with Finley, I would have half a Spark but this pregnancy it has made me absolutely sick to my stomach. I even tried it after I got a few weeks past being nauseas and I still couldn't do it.
I feel pretty stiff with this pregnancy. I don't remember feeling this stiff with Finley and my body feeling like it just won't move anymore. It pretty much says at times "if you don't sit down, I'm going to sit down for you".
Saturday Shane made a grocery store run for us, and in the midst of me looking for what meds I could take, I found my paperwork to have my gestational diabetes test done. Ooops. Missed that one. I knew it was coming up in January but thought it was later on.


Maternity leggings, LulaRoe tops, sweatshirts and now Shane's pajama pants.


I've had several nights of insomnia and it's been the worst. 


Yes! I love to feel her rolling and punching around in my belly.


Not really craving anything... I did make Red Mill Brownies the other day and those were good. I've made a few smoothies with Shakeology powder and those have been DELISH! One of my clients gave me her 21 Day Fix package and those were in it.. I wish I could buy a whole bag. It's absolutely amazing.



Sleep. Energy. Moving around well.


Well here it is another week has gone by and I've worked out once. Shane and I took what I think was Finley's cold from New Year's Day and we've been struggling to say the least. It's hard for me to workout at home and do my video because Finley wants to be right up under me. I just need to make myself get up and get to the gym but it's so hard for me. I'm praying for a better week and at least 4 workouts.


Shane and I have had a couple of rough days and it's been really stressful for me. Maybe it's just the general stress that we have only about 4 months left and we need to get stuff done.


The crazies continue... I dreamt this week that my milk came in and I had TONS of milk! So much that it was pouring out like a shower head and Shane couldn't believe how much it was! I am praying this time around will be different for me and breastfeeding.. maybe that's where the dream came from. HA! And yes, I'd love to have that much milk for squirt!!


Ahhhh!!! I think his mind is going and going.


Fin has been loving on them and we've had some FREEZING cold nights so they have been huddled up by the fire.


Cuddled up with these 2! I had to pee like something fierce, I was starving, and I really wanted to shower too. But I just couldn't move.. Finley started out in between us laying on my side (I had been laying down too) Then she woke up and flipped over me and this is how we ended up. Ha. We stayed like this for almost 3 hours before she woke up ready to play. Shane didn't feel good and I didn't sleep the night before from him not being able to get comfortable so I'm glad we were all able to nap and rest.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finley // 16 -17 Months

Finley, it seems like these days I come get you in the mornings and you look to have grown another 2 inches over night. Your Daddy just said tonight, "Can you believe she's where she is right now?" No, I cannot. I know I've said this before but it still seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital... soon you will be a Big Sister!! And I have no doubt you will be the sweetest with her. You are so loving and the sweetest thing ever. I mean that. There are times when you just hug me out of no where and go "oohhhhhh" and I literally melt into a puddle on the floor. 


You are a very healthy little one and just got over your second cold. On New Year's Day, you started sneezing and your nose started running and you slept horrible that night because you were having such a hard time breathing. It was pitiful. We would prop you up on the couch with us but all you really wanted was to be in your crib.. but bless your heart, you just couldn't breathe. That was only the bad night we had. I started you on Natural Remedies allergy medicine and what a difference that made! I also suctioned your nose and added a couple of Ocean Spray saline drops and within a few days it was cleared up. 
You have also cut 3 or 4 of your molars in a matter of a few weeks... just all at once they started coming thru. I know you have been in some pain and we've alternated Tylenol and Motrin at times. It's so pitiful seeing you so uncomfortable. You like to chew on your paci too.

You have your 18 month check up in a couple of weeks and I'm curious to see what your growth is going to show. You are in 18 month clothes and some of the shirts you've gotten have been a little long in the arms so we just roll them up.

I'm thinking we may introduce your Minnie Bowtique potty to you sooner than later because you are showing signs that you are aware when you tee tee in your diaper. 


You have gotten a little more pickier with your food selection. Somedays I really don't know what to feed you because you just don't seem to like anything at all. You still love spaghetti without the noodles every time I cook it. Cheese seems to be a new favorite and you will walk to the refridgerator now and point to the side it's on.. we still have pancakes almost every morning but I've started making eggs and you like those too. And, you've wanted to dip your pancakes in the syrup now. Your Gamma found a muffin recipe and you love those! You've gotten pretty good with using your spoon and fork as well.
When you got sick your Daddy gave you orange juice and you sucked it down for a couple days. That's the first type of juice you have had except for a little shot of cranberry juice we had one Sunday at church when we took communion. You still drink water very well and have started back drinking a little bit of milk. You got picky about that too.
We still haven't given you any type of shellfish.

You went with me to vote on October 28th. You did NOT like this sticker on my shirt and right after I took this picture, it came off.

We took our first trip to Washington Farms in Watkinsville and you had a blast! Mommy and Daddy had a blast just watching you! 

We had been letting the chickens roam the yard and you loved giving them water on the back porch. Actually they started helping themselves to Sox's water bowl, IN THE HOUSE, so we moved it to the porch. You love to visit them. Your first goldfish at church, helping Mommy pick up pecans and a snuggle session during nap time.

I taught you how to make the Indian sound so an indian you were for Halloween. La La made you a tutu and you screamed when I tried to put it on and didn't stop until it came off so this was your outfit. So cute. It was 900 degrees so I know it would've been too hot to wear outside anyways. Gamma, Pa, and Weazy came over and afterwards we went out to eat.


You had been doing 2 naps during day.. your first one around 12-1 or 1:30 and then your afternoon would vary between 5-7 and normally last for about 45 mins to an hour. But sometimes that afternoon nap would last for over 2 hours and we would wake you up for dinner and then you wouldn't be ready for bed until 10:30 or 11. 
For the past 3 days, you have seemed to put yourself on a new schedule of having just one nap. The first day it was from 1-4, the next day, 1-3, and today 3-5.. now with a bedtime between 8 and 9. The first couple times (before now) when you didn't have two naps, you would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and would not go back to sleep.. now, you have still been sleeping all night just as before. 99% of the time you are such a great sleeper (I think you get that from your Daddy thank the Lord). So, we'll just continue to see how this goes!

Mimi and Big Pop got you this for your birthday and you love it!

Daddy had to get more camo because his ruined so we had a little family trip to Bass Pro. It was so fun and you followed him all over this store.

You love this sock monkey!

Cracker Barrel after church 11.13.16.

This was the same day.. You loved this tree in the living room.

It's amazing to see how much you pick up from just watching us. You are with me most of the time in the mornings and I'll say "Finley, what should Mommy wear today?" and you will start looking thru my clothes just as I do. Ha!

It took a while for it to cool off so we got to enjoy many days outside. You loved helping Daddy get our flower beds looking good. He enjoys you so much helping him.

On 11.20.16, we had family pictures made by my friend Stacey. It was FREEZING COLD and windy but you did so good and loved it.

This is your "smile Finley" face. Sooo adorable and I love these pj's btw.

You and your little sister!

Thanksgiving Day 2016...
We are so thankful for you little turkey!

Last year when we went to pick out our tree, you were asleep.. this year we got a family picture. The tree we chose is behind us and it was beautiful!

You had your own tree...

Loved this outfit on you!

On Dec 11th, we went to see Santa Claus at the Christmas cottage again just as the year before ... this was before we left and you were cheesin' up a storm. You look so big here!



Picnic with the pups! 12.22.16
If you don't like something they do, you have no problem telling them "no no no no" and shaking your finger at them. But you love them and you give them hugs all the time and rub their bellies.
Kyli has been jumping up and getting food from you at the counter where you eat BUT, you tease her at times so we've just been trying to teach you not to do that.
You help feed them every morning and will take the right bowls to the right pup. Sox gets milk in her food and after you put her food down, you walk to the fridge and point to it for the milk.

Me, you, and Gigi went Christmas shopping and you decided this was a good idea. Ha!! This was in the middle of TJ Maxx.

And, you found your own Christmas present and walked off with it. At least it was a learning toy and you love it.

One of your faves you are loving these days is Thomas and Friends.. you'll move your arm and say, "choo choo!"

Christmas Eve ready! One of my favorite outfits you have! 

And, Christmas morning, when you realized that Santa came to see you. Priceless!

Here are a few of the Christmas photos we had taken on that cold, windy day. You had fallen asleep on the way there and we let you nap while Stacey got a few pictures of just me and Daddy.

You are still a happy little one most of the time and you do some of the funniest things. Your Daddy and I laugh all the time and he also tells me he's never seen me smile so much since you have came into our lives. I love that.
The last month or so, you have been seeing just how far you can get away with things. We've really had to put our foot down sometimes and you will get upset but it doesn't seem to last long and you learn very fast. 
You still haven't started talking much but you do know how to tell the puppies "no, no!". You do "more" in sign language when you want more of something (you have your own version you do), you were doing all of your animal sounds but you've gotten real choosy on which ones you do these days. When we read books, I can ask you where x,y, and z are you will point to the right object. You just aren't into saying more words yet.

You don't like your sleeves to be rolled up.. I've started doing this while you eat and you fuss until they are rolled back down to how they are supposed to be.

This past month, you've started walking around on your toes. I still haven't figured out where this has come from.

You love Elmo and Sesame Street.. Gamma and Pa got you an Elmo for Christmas that talks and sings and its now one of your faves. You like Thomas and Friends more than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse these days and you and your Daddy watch a cartoon called Dinosaur Train and you love it. Once you wake up good and get going, you are all into your toys and just want to play play play. Your fave toys are your Elmo, Leapfrog picnic basket, reading your books, a Leapfrog tea set you got for Christmas, a preschool Leapfrog book and "tablet"(the one you picked out at Toys r Us), and a Minnie Bowtique light up vacuum. I think that's all you played with on Christmas Day.. Mommy wished it really worked! ;)

You love bath time and we've now gotten into making bubbles. I've got to get you some real bubble bath because I know you would LOVE it! There have been times when you've been ready to take a bath and walk us into the bathroom and try and turn the water on.

You've started dancing when you hear music and 'sing'. We've got to get something to download your music cd's to so we can play the songs.

When you want us to follow you, you grab our finger and drag us around the house, especially when you are ready to play in your room or when you need something out of the refridgerator.

You understand our commands and we still feel like you are so smart for your age. 


HOW FAR ALONG// 22 weeks

BABY SIZE// About the size of a squash


I worked 2 days this week in the salon and then helped Whitney with a wedding on New Year's Eve. Oh my goodness, it took me 2 days to recover from bending awkwardly, reaching, and standing for a solid 7 hours without sitting down hardly. My back was in shambles but I made it and the girls were so much fun. 
Overall I felt great this week and the Friday before the weekend, I went to get my hair done and makeup I needed for the wedding. I even took Finley with me to the salon and she did so great. Gigi is driving and met me at the salon for some extra help which was nice since it was right around nap time. Mama Jane ended up in town running errands so we all went to lunch afterwards. It was great.


Loving maternity leggings and workout pants. I really want to go get a few more tops but that requires me making the time to get out and do it and find some that aren't outrageous.


It's been OK besides New Year's night and the next day.. my body just hurt too bad and felt so sore. I have started taking hot baths and I don't know why I don't do that every night. Amazing.


Yes! Little girl is definitely on the move! I don't recall Finley ever moving this much. Baby #2 moves quickly!


I don't really feel like I've had cravings lately. I did actually eat collards on New Year's day and believe it or not, I went back for a second helping. I've been cooking more and trying to cook healthy and eat healthy snacks and more of a variety. For example, not eat 3 apples in one day.



Being smaller, sleep every night, energy.


I've been trying to keep up with t25 as much as I can. I really wanted to get back on it after the New Year but being down after the wedding set me back a bit and no sleep does too.


I'm ready to get things rolling on making the back porch our new living room. I think I'll feel much better after things get started with that and I can see some progress.


I've had some crazy dreams continue!!


He's been thinking about a lot and sharing with me and its really been stressing me out. And I can say this because I've told him my thoughts.


They've been good pups!


Bre mentioned I should take one of these pics in front of the tree and I'm so glad I did. 
James 1:17

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