Thursday, January 19, 2017


HOW FAR ALONG// 23 Weeks

missed my chalkboard picture this week

BABY SIZE// About the size of a Mango

I have felt pretty good this week. For the past few weeks, I've been getting up with Finley and getting our day started. Somedays tho by the time we get up, eat breakfast, and play for a bit I'm ready for a nap. When I was pregnant with Finley, I would have half a Spark but this pregnancy it has made me absolutely sick to my stomach. I even tried it after I got a few weeks past being nauseas and I still couldn't do it.
I feel pretty stiff with this pregnancy. I don't remember feeling this stiff with Finley and my body feeling like it just won't move anymore. It pretty much says at times "if you don't sit down, I'm going to sit down for you".
Saturday Shane made a grocery store run for us, and in the midst of me looking for what meds I could take, I found my paperwork to have my gestational diabetes test done. Ooops. Missed that one. I knew it was coming up in January but thought it was later on.


Maternity leggings, LulaRoe tops, sweatshirts and now Shane's pajama pants.


I've had several nights of insomnia and it's been the worst. 


Yes! I love to feel her rolling and punching around in my belly.


Not really craving anything... I did make Red Mill Brownies the other day and those were good. I've made a few smoothies with Shakeology powder and those have been DELISH! One of my clients gave me her 21 Day Fix package and those were in it.. I wish I could buy a whole bag. It's absolutely amazing.



Sleep. Energy. Moving around well.


Well here it is another week has gone by and I've worked out once. Shane and I took what I think was Finley's cold from New Year's Day and we've been struggling to say the least. It's hard for me to workout at home and do my video because Finley wants to be right up under me. I just need to make myself get up and get to the gym but it's so hard for me. I'm praying for a better week and at least 4 workouts.


Shane and I have had a couple of rough days and it's been really stressful for me. Maybe it's just the general stress that we have only about 4 months left and we need to get stuff done.


The crazies continue... I dreamt this week that my milk came in and I had TONS of milk! So much that it was pouring out like a shower head and Shane couldn't believe how much it was! I am praying this time around will be different for me and breastfeeding.. maybe that's where the dream came from. HA! And yes, I'd love to have that much milk for squirt!!


Ahhhh!!! I think his mind is going and going.


Fin has been loving on them and we've had some FREEZING cold nights so they have been huddled up by the fire.


Cuddled up with these 2! I had to pee like something fierce, I was starving, and I really wanted to shower too. But I just couldn't move.. Finley started out in between us laying on my side (I had been laying down too) Then she woke up and flipped over me and this is how we ended up. Ha. We stayed like this for almost 3 hours before she woke up ready to play. Shane didn't feel good and I didn't sleep the night before from him not being able to get comfortable so I'm glad we were all able to nap and rest.


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