Friday, March 24, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 32 - 33 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// Officially 33 Weeks

BABY SIZE// About the size of a pineapple
My days and weeks have been running together. I am trying to keep up with these posts and I said I wasn't going to get behind but Y'all see that I am. I even have drafts saved that consist of Christmas, baby dedication and our Gym Dawgs meet and haven't finished those either. Boo.
I have some pretty intense insomnia going on these days and I have NO clue how I've been able to function AT. ALL. I slept for the first night in 6 days on Sunday night and it was wonderful. I forgot what sleep actually felt like. 
FSH head is down and I can feel her on my bladder. There is SO much pressure! And some positions she gets into makes me curl up in a ball and sometimes I cannot even stand up straight. Too embarrass myself, I have totally been peeing on myself at times and that means lots of clothes changing and laundry. I don't even mean to! Little girl just moves the right way and there it happens!!
My lower back is in shambles and at times its so hard for me to get going in the mornings. About 1130 or 12 my body seems to wake up and I'm much better. Sometimes it takes even longer than that, especially not sleeping at night.

I had a DR appt on Thursday March 16th. All was great! I did feel like I was getting a bladder infection or something and sure enough it was. The Dr gave me meds for it and I feel much better in that department. My BP was great, I did ask what it was but I don't remember. FSH put on a show for Dr Elder moving around so much and he just went on about how he could see her having a fun in my belly! If I remember correctly, her heartbeat was in the 130's. I need to start writing this down! I didn't ask what my weight was... I seriously step on the scale backwards and tell them I don't want to know numbers. I guess I haven't made anymore big jumps because they haven't said anything in quite some time and just say, "bp is good, weight its good, any questions?"
I did ask Dr Elder this time why my date was moved over a week out and he said because my first ultrasound showed a more accurate reading than when my last period was. He says everytime that I'm right on track. I do have our last ultrasound on Monday and he said we would know the weight of the baby and go from there.

My left breast has been really bothering me and I want it to be checked at my next visit. It almost feels like a stabbing burning pain only in once place and its just really starting to concern me.

I feel like I have a ton of pressure on my tailbone, too. Man I sound like I'm complaining and I'm trying not to and embrace it.. I think I may just be too old to carry babies! ha!


Yes. I never got anymore 'cute' maternity clothes so I am contstanlty on repeat. My compression tights are a life saver but I am so irritated because these ripped just like my other ones did this week. So now I have a new pair with a huge whole in the thigh area. I've been thinking about calling the company and letting them know this is my second pair that's done this! I have been wearing Shane's pajama pants but one pair that I was wearing has gotten tight around the belly. Yikes.


So little!! 


OH yes! All the time! I try to catch her on video but still every time I put the camera on her, she stops. The same thing with Finley!


I saw Cinnamon Toast Crunch in Ingles this week and thought I was going to buy the whole section of cereal. LOL. I opted for Kashi cinnamon Harvest or something like that. It's been SOOOO good!!
I fed Finley green beans the other day and took a bite myself and ended up eating a whole can by myself.. anything healthy besides fruit has been disgusting to me but I guess I forgot how great they were!

GENDER// girl!


Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Being comfortable and wearing normal clothes.


I've done T25 a couple times with hand weights for my arms. I was very uncomfortable again the last time I did it and I truly think I'm just going to have to start walking at this point. I still want to do hand weights too. 


I did start crying the other when Shane was hugging on me one night. I feel like we haven't done that in so long and we have lost our togetherness because we are just getting wrapped up in work, Finley, and just going thru the motions. It felt absolutley wonderful to have that moment with him .. I guess I'd forgotten what that felt like and it was nice to have it back for a little bit.
Thoughts of delivery are already coming into my mind and I really don't want to do that part. but I know its the inevitable. I'm praying that it's another smooth delivery, I don't tear this time and it's a quick recovery faster than when I had Finley. 


I don't think I've slept enough to dream!




They are probably starving for attention and they are driving me nuts! Mara has now found something dead and keeps rolling in it and Kyli won't stop barking at everything. Can't even take it.


Hearing FSH heartbeat. 
Getting my new glasses! FINALLY! I know they are big and I'll probably get laughs from some people but I'm loving them!!


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