Monday, March 13, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 30 - 31 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 31 Weeks

BABY SIZE// About the size of a Coconut


I feel like I am definitley slowing down. I worked A LOT this week and I can feel it. Right now I feel like I did before I delivered Finley and I still have quite a few weeks to go. I hope I make it.
My lower back is screaming at me and my abs around my belly button feel like they have completely shredded apart. I cannot wait to have my body back and I pray that I can get back to where I was. I was feeling fantastic when I found out I was pregnant.
I'm not sure if I'm seeing old stretch marks and their color more because my skin is stretched out or if these are new ones. I think I have a small batch of new ones more towards the front and I cried like a baby when I saw them. I've been lathering up with Frankinsence and Geranium and I've ordered more Frankensince and Lavendar and just going to continue to grease up my belly.
The past few days I've felt like I was getting a bladder infection or something along those lines, but I've started drinking Cran Grape juice and I feel so much better! I don't know if that is a myth but the feeling I was having like I was getting a UTI has left the building.

My nose is still pretty messed up and I'm having a hard time breathing at night.

We had an ultrasound on February 27th and ALL was PERFECT! This baby girl's pictures look just like Finley's! I can't believe how similar they were to each others. The only difference is they were facing opposite directions. The ultra sound tech said she had never seen a baby cooperate as much as this one did. I was so thankful that she did! She said that she weighed about 4lb and 2oz but we would know for sure about 34 weeks. 

I also had a checkup that day and Everything else was good... they didn't say anything about my weight and said my BP was good and from here on out I go every 2 weeks. Can. Not. Believe it.


Yes! I think I rotate the same 4 outfits.


I have some wonderful nights and I'm peeing more too but always seem to fall back asleep. I've been napping quite a good bit whenever I can. There are so many times when I just cannot keep going.


Lots and lots of movement! I'm bruised on my right side where a knee or elbow or something always finds this one exact spot every time.


Tacos. And this week I was at the grocery store and spotted some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Bought me some Kashi instead. It was absolutely delicious!




Extreme workouts and sleeping on my back.


I've done T25 a couple times and weights on my arms. This last time I did T25, I tried doing a certain move I've been doing and it was VERY uncomfortable. I'm wondering if I should just try and start walking and do weights.


I've cried several times this week and even felt depressed.


I know I've had some but nothing has stuck with me.


He's into baseball!


They've been good the past couple weeks and Kyli has been such a snuggler!


Seeing Baby #2 face!!

Finley was dedicated on March 5th...

AND, I also FINALLY made it to my 1st Gym Dawgs meet with this little one in tow! We had such a great time! Although I'm pretty sure we missed half of it because we got started down the road late and traffic. We met Whitney and Brynn and even tho we were late we still had a great time!


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