Monday, February 27, 2017

BUMPDATE // BABY #2 // 27 - 29 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG // Officially 29 weeks

BABY SIZE // Size of a squash


There have been several nights over the past few weeks where I've had some rough nights of hardly no sleep. Thankfully Shane has been able to get up with Finley in the mornings and I've been able to sleep hard for a couple of hours. My nose has been one main issue of getting no sleep... just extremely hard to breathe even with using my oils. I came home one night after work last week and our neighbor was burning leaves and I got messed up all over again! It's crazy how sensitive your body is during pregnancy! 

My eyes are still messed up feeling extremely dry and I go back to the eye dr in 2 weeks. They had ordered me a pair of glasses to see if I liked them )because they can't fix my broken ones) and I really didn't like them. I felt like I was settling to begin with because they were the cheaper frames I could find... someone new helped me Friday and I found a pair I love! AND, they are almost $100 cheaper! They are actually sunglasses and the guy popped the lenses out and said here try these. Confession. The frames are super big and I'm probably going to get some stares but I really don't care. IF I do end up getting Lasik, I'll have the lenses to make into a pair of sunglasses. Score.

On February 6th, I had a regular checkup and all was good to my knowledge. For the past few appts, I've been stepping on the scale backwards and just ask am I OK and they say yes. I do not want to know numbers right now and I haven't even stepped on the scale at home since August. BP was good (I know I wrote it down somewhere but I have no clue where that would be at this point). I saw the nurse practitioner this time and she wanted me to do the glucose test that week... I did not do it.. for several reasons. I'm opting for them to prick my finger to check sugar levels when I go in.. which they do anyways already.

On February 13th, I went to the hospital to get my rhogam shot. Once again I knew I was going to walk in all brave and I KNOW I must have had a look on my face because the nurse said "honey are you OK?" and I lost it. In front of her, Shane and Finley. She was so sweet but I've seen nurses on facebook make fun of people like me. That's Ok... I know where my fear of needles comes from and its from being hospitalized when I was in the 2nd grade and things going wrong from the moment I got there with getting an IV and then to my hand swelling and having to start all over again.
And the shot didn't even bother me. It was JUST getting my blood drawn.

I woke up two nights ago with my lower let cramping. It was so bad I had to pull my foot back into place. I'm getting up to pee again constantly.


Yes! And Shane's pajama pants and tshirts when I'm home.


Off and on.


Yes! I love it! Except when I get kicked WAY down south. Oh my goodness. This little one is loving my left side again just like Finley. But I can feel so much more now or either she's a little more rambunctious than Finley was!


Tacos, Dr Pepper (whhhaaaaa???), raspberries, and smoothies. Veggie sandwiches from Subway (sometimes I'll eat half the bread or no bread and just get spinach, tom, cucumber, pickles, olives, and lots of jalapenos), there is also a place called Chill Out yogurt on the way to work and they have an AMAZING veggie sandwich. They have the freshest food!!
I despise cooking right now and sadly I can't tell you how much money I've thrown away in food because I haven't been cooking that much. It's ridiculous. 


Another girl!! AND, we have decided on a name. Shane finally just told me to choose and so I did. I'm completely at peace with the decision and just love it so much!


Amazing sleep. Being able to move quicker.


I missed quite a few days there for awhile but I've been keeping up with Shaun T again! Even been doing heavier lifting with my arms and quite a few squats. There was one morning last week or this week where I only got about 2 hours sleep.. that afternoon when Finley napped I popped in a video and it was amazing at the energy I had after that! So that's been my motivation .. to push myself to do it even when I don't feel like it in hopes that it will make me feel better.


I've had some pretty upset moments for sure. I truly am trying to be better and literally calling on the name Jesus.


Wow two nights ago was a doozy! I want to study it out to see what it may mean but I don't care to share it here.


I'm sure he's tired of hearing me ask "have you heard from ____ about the porch??" We are converting our backporch into a sunroom/new living room and making the living room we are in now back to a bedroom AKA nursery. I have ABOUT 10 weeks left and we've had people quote us outrageously and then people who have quoted us decent but won't call us back to confirm and get things going!! It's about to send me over the edge. I just want everything to be in order bringing a new born home. I've already told Shane I will NOT be living here if there is construction going on AFTER we get home from the hospital. I did that with Finley and I WILL NOT be doing it again. We will all 3 be taking a staycation somewhere else.


Sox has been constantly rolling in horse poo.. Kyli can't stop barking at nothing. Mara is as sweet as ever... her breathe just smells like fish. Peeyoooh.


Since my last post, God is still continuing to bless my Monat business! There have been some lows but I am still pushing and I'm almost at a DOUBLE promotion this month! Eeeeek! I can't believe how close I am! Shane came home today(Saturday), and I got busy making calls and following up with people. 

I've been trying to spend as much time with Finley as I can. Some days it's SO HARD.. especially when I'm not feeling up to doing anything. She wants to be carried a LOT and that's hard too. I just keep telling myself that there is going to be an end to that and enjoy it while I can. She was ALL about giving kisses and hugs today. Oh my goodness I didn't even have to ask for them!! She would just wrap her arms around me and plant kisses on me out of no where! Shane even told me to call a babysitter today if I wanted time for myself but look at what I would've been missing had I done that.

We had our maternity pictures taken last Friday too.

 I can't wait to get the rest and I'm SO EXCITED that Shane and Finley are in these too. Shane was out of town with Finley's and our photographer even got some of Finley by herself and with Shane that I can't wait to see. We haven't had her picture taken since the announcement in August/Sept? I know that doesn't seem like that long but she has changed SO much since then.

I've really been cleaning out the house again too. Our dining room is filled with boxes full of stuff I've cleaned out to have a yard sale. So ready for it! I just have a couple more places to go thru and I should be done. If I could get up in the attic and go thru and organize that, I would. It's too dangerous tho. 

I've started reading the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and praying my milk comes in again (I could pray some more about this) and that this time I'll be successful at it. I would really love for this to happen.


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