Wednesday, February 1, 2017


HOW FAR ALONG// 26 Weeks

BABY SIZE//  weighs about 2 lbs, about the size of a scallion


The right side of my lower back is starting to give me fits again. My legs feel so tired and achy. My nose is stopped up a lot and there has even been traces of blood on the tissue when I've blown my nose. Yikes. I've been using YL Peppermint and Lemon to help with that. The lemon seems to help a lot more than the peppermint! I've also been using grapeseed oil and Frankinsince on my stomach to help with stretch marks. I can't tell if I have new ones or if the ones I had are just shining even more now that my belly is getting bigger. I'm praying what's there are just the ones I've had before.
My body feels like its in slow motion. It just doesn't want to get going a lot of times lately. I can get up fine but after I've been up for about 30 minutes, I'm ready to go back to bed. It's taking me a lot to get going these past few days.
I don't know what Braxton Hicks feel like but I'm thinking I've had a few. I feel like the center of my stomach is ripping in half as well. Very uncomfortable. 
My eyes have been extremely dry and feel like sandpaper if I ever wake up in the middle of the night. My contacts are so messed up that I've been wearing my glasses a lot.. and they aren't really any better either because now my frames are cracked and I have one ear piece. Shane is telling me to get Lasik and I'd love to look into that more after the baby. My eye dr has already told me that I will have to be done with breast feeding and babies before I will be allowed to do it. I've never had this much trouble with my eyes and contacts and it's just getting out of hand.


Leggings.. compression tights.. sports bras(from the get go), maternity tops and LulaRoe tops... Fin and I went shopping one random afternoon and I was able to find a couple of cute maternity tops and the one I'm wearing in this picture. It's not maternity but it's very boho and I love it! I visited Costco with a friend Monday, and I would've stopped at another store several people have recommended for 2nd hand maternity clothes, but I had food on the car and had to get back home. 


I've had several nights sleep that was absolutely wonderful! Like, didn't even move all night long!


All the time and I love it!!


Turkey sandwiches.. today I had a veggie sub.. it was SO GOOD!  To be honest, nothing really ever sounds THAT good to me. Food is just blah but I get so hungry a lot of times.


Girl! So we picked out a name and now I'm going back and forth between the first name that I picked out for her... I'm so confused. Shane and I have been talking and we really just need to pray about it. The first name I picked, I was so sure that was her name and nothing else would do. Then I found another name and Shane liked it too... and now I'm going back to the first. Ahh!!I love both of them now but I'm ready and have been ready to call her by name.


Being able to breathe! 


I've done t25 twice this week! I have to rewind some of the video because I have had to take some breaks. I will say I'm proud of myself in the fact that I've done SOMETHING this far into pregnancy. With Finley, at this time, I don't think I did anything at all. It's suposed to be a little warmer this week and I'd love to get out and walk the hills in the yard for some more cardio. I just really want to try and keep going as long as I can. Especially reading how fitness has helped women bounce back after pregnancy... we shall see.


Have I mentioned how ready I am to get started on this porch so we can get the nursery ready?? I don't want it to sneak up on us!! I do know Shane has been in contact with the person of interest who will be remodeling and I hope he comes soon this week to check everything out!
I've gotten frustrated and really burnt out at times when its just been me and Finley and she's wanting to run all over the house. It has just been really wearing me out lately.

I feel like I'm in a pre nesting mood and I've started going thru stuff in the house. The girls at work are saving me their boxes so I can pack stuff up and my Mom and I are going to have a yard sale. It's feeling good getting stuff out of the way! I know we are going to grow out of this house sooner than later. I love this house but I think I'd love being in something a little bigger.


I know I've had some this week but I can't remember too much about them.


Baseball is continuing... he has ordered a dumpster for us to start cleaning out the milk barn so we can do some remodeling out there and have some more storage space. 
I also told him I wasn't going to do the gestational diabetes test and he vetoed that real quick like. 


They have been barking this week! I think there is a cat that has taken up in the barn and its driving them nuts... and in return, THEY are driving ME nuts!!!


Coach and I went on a date to Outback Friday night for the first time since December. It was wonderful. I just wish I hadn't been so tired. But it was great! I hope we can go on another one soon. I feel like we've been really distant with each other lately.
I have also come across a new business opportunity with a company called Monat and the Lord is already blessing it! I had been praying about this and I know this was the perfect timing. There have been some amazing Sunday's at church for me the past couple weeks and I feel like there have been some breakthroughs in a couple areas of my life. It's been such an amazing feeling and there has been such a peace that has come over me. I feel like a calming has come over me more than ever before and I'm so thankful for that. I'm not saying I haven't gotten a little worked up at times or even frustrated with some things.. but I can tell a huge difference within myself in just the past few weeks! 


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