Monday, February 20, 2017

Finley // 18 Months


You had your 18 month checkup on February 2nd and you got another perfect report from Dr Setia! We are so thankful for your health and how God has blessed you and us with you growing and developing the way He designed us to be! You weighed 26lbs, 32 inches long, and your HC was 18 3/4. I really don't agree with this, but Dr said you were "chunky" for your weight and height. Seriously? He advised us no juice except at breakfast (he is very big on this) and your snacks should be veggies and fruits. You had been throwing down some bran muffins and the only other bread we have is Red Mill pancakes. You are so active tho! We started doing watered down OJ when we all started getting colds but it wasn't an everyday thing. You still love your water and milk!

You've started cutting another tooth on the bottom and since I haven't been sleeping well, I've heard you cry out at night some. I don't know if you are hurting or if you are looking for your paci but it doesn't last very long. I'd really like to get rid of the paci before too long. It could just be me but I just feel like your teeth are going to be messed up from it.

You still haven't reached the weight limit to come out of your newborn car seat but we are ready to look into the Graco 4 in 1 seat. 

Second time at the salon with Mommy! Gigi came and helped and you were so good.

I think you can see a little in this picture... you tripped and fell on your Puff's bottle and ended up with a bruise on your face. 

It started getting really cold and was actually supposed to snow this particular weekend but it didn't.

"snow day" and everyone fell asleep on Mommy!


You had been doing 2 naps a day but most days you have gone to one 1 1/2-3 hour nap a day. I guess it just depends on the day. You sleep throughout the night, PRAISE THE LORD, and you' still sleep great in the car as well. So thankful for your sleeping habits!

We've been trying to get to church every Sunday. You've really gotten SO much better about going into the nursery and you love Lauren who is in there most of the time. This past Sunday, you didn't cry when I picked you up and they told me you really enjoyed being in there with all of the kids and were so happy. There were the most kids in nursery Sunday that I've ever seen. Sometimes it's just you and Lauren.

You love yogurt and are so good at feeding yourself with spoons and forks.

I love our family time!

You love on your sister and give her kisses and hugs and even do it when I don't even ask! It is THE sweetest thing!!

And then you love to pick your nose. Hee hee.

You were laughing so hard when Daddy was doing this!

You are loving wearing hats, headbows, and necklaces these days! And you even pose for the camera. 

I catch you on your belly all the time. It's one of your favorite ways to sit. Even on the couch you will take the cushions, pile them up, and lay on your stomach watching TV.

You still love your babies which makes me think you will be so good and helpful with your baby sister. I know there may be times of jealousy but we will work thru it.

This is the laptop you picked out in December with Gigi at Toys R Us and it's one of your fave things. Thank the Lord it's a learning tool!

You still love to read too! We love reading books with you too.

We all love snuggles too... especially Mommy. It's one of my faves. One afternoon, we BOTH laid down for a nap and instead of putting you in your crib, we laid down in the bed and napped together. I can't wait to do that again sooner than later.


You have continued to love on Kyli and you have no problem telling them "no no no no no no!". I've had to watch y'all two tho because you will hit at her and she tries to still lick you in the face. Yick.

You play in Mommy's jewelry every morning while I'm getting ready.

Love to see you smile!!

... and all your facial expressions.

Mimi and Big Pop got you this play house for Christmas and you love it. 

We've had some warmer days and we DEFNITLEY get outside when that happens. Still one of your favorites!

We had lunch with Gamma and Mama Jane one afternoon at Ruby Tuesdays! It was great and for the most part you did well.

Rearranging makeup!

This particular morning we hung out and watched the inauguaration of Donald Trump becoming President! 

Christmas morning! You really like your Leapfrog tablet too. I've got to get the other books for your age.

Tea time with Mama Jane! I'm trying to do Christmas posts with all the family.

You love your Gigi for sure!

So glad you are wearing shoes now!


You have been staying at Gamma and Pa's, when they don't come over here, on the days that Mommy and Daddy work.

You are trying so hard to talk! Your babble has definitley picked up. 

You started saying "mama" again! Yay! On 1.11.17 I made a note of this. I don't know if this was the first time since forever but it was SO wonderful to hear!


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