Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fallyn // Week 11


You are a healthy little girl and we are so thankful for that, Fallyn! 

You are starting to fill up the tub and you enjoy your bath time. So thankful you are continuing to gain weight and everyone that asks you how old you are says you are a tiny little thing. I feel like your pictures make you look bigger than you really are.


You do look like a chunky monkey here and I love it!!
This is one of the few times you have slept in the bassinet that Whitney let us borrow.. Finley loved it and slept in it for the first 4 months of her life, but you don't really like it that much. You prefer sleeping on your stomach still, even being on the meds that Dr Setia prescribed for your reflux. No back sleeping for you.
If its just us at home, I can lay you in this sometimes because I know it will be quiet in the house and you can rest. If everyone is home, I'll lay you in Wheezie crib that was hers when she was a newborn. 
You've gone a few 7 hour stretches these days at night and its been wonderful !


We made it to church for the first time!
Fin went to the nursery and I kept you in the sanctuary with me. Deenen helped me out a lot with you so that I could take notes during church.

You didn't seem to mind!

Outside time! I love carrying you in this wrap. Its my fave.

I try to give you time on your playmate but you really dislike being on your back so it never lasts very long.

You were VERY fussy this particular night BUT you finally fell asleep and Mommy got to do her workout and you started fussing just as it was over.. about 25 minutes.

You are smiling more and more and its so sweet! When we talk to you, you just light up and grin from ear to ear. I love how more aware you are with us!

Headed to a Dr appt

Eating break after our trip to the supply store

This is your favorite spot on our shoulder. Bless your heart, you were so fussy this evening I think because of the shot you got at the Dr office. You were still very colicky too but I think it was a combination of that and being so sleepy. Love those sweet cuddles.

Little hands and feet!

I can't believe how curly your hair looks at times!!

Sweet hand up by your face just like your Big sister.


I wish I had more pics with you and the puppies! They are sweet with you just as with Finley... although she has been terrorizing them lately, part of the reason I don't have as many pics of you with them is because they are probably constantly in hiding. I guess I have the most pics of you with Kyli because she's the smallest to get on the couch and be right there with us.


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