Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fallyn // Week 12

Fallyn, I have started catching you with your fingers in your mouth these days! You won't really take a Paci tho and I can count on one hand probably the amount of times you've actually really taken one.
Napping in Wheezie crib she had when she was a baby.

Hanging out with Fin Fin! And look at her hair! Ha!!

Happy Happy baby first thing in the morning always!

Love your peaceful face while you are sleeping.


Love your facial expressions here. You are getting really expressive and we all love it!

We went out on the town for Fin Birthday.. we went and ate at Cheddars and went shopping with Mama Jane. You did so good!

Early morning snuggles! Ahhh they are THE sweetest!

All happy!

Hanging out with Mommy while she gets ready.

Mommy got home from work and we chilled on the couch. You wearing Fin Fin sunglasses.

We made it to church again! I had Fin in my lap and you let me rock you in your seat with your Paci. And you fell right to sleep.

Your pouty lips here remind me of Fin Fin's.


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