Saturday, December 7, 2013

Key West//Day 2

Friday we got up ready for some good breakfast. Downstairs was Jack's Seafood Shack and boy did they have some delicious omelette's!
Unfortunately, Jack's will no longer be there the next time we go. They had already started the remodeling process to have the restaurant in the middle of the hotel, the Starbuck's next door will also move in with them, and there will be retail shops where Jack's is now. I'll be happy to take the wood and the ceiling and have them!

If you hate pics of food I do apologize.

Coach loved his omelette! I think he was trying to see if they were as good as in Jamaica!

After breakfast we took our time walking up and down Duval... Coach got hit on by a Coyote Ugly employee when we walked by! Haha!

Check out these hats!

We ended up at Sunset Pier, grabbed us a bench, enjoyed the air, and Coach watched for some fish. Bless him that's all he talked about for a few days was fishing.

These birds flew all around us..

At this point we were at the end of the dock and out of no where this group came zooming by us and all dove into the water..

These fishies came up later..

This guy showed up too..

As you can see it was very cloudy and winds were up to 15 mph.

We were in such relaxation mode we didn't do much the rest of the day and the winds kind of made it hard to stay out on the street. By the end of the night tho it had died down and we decided to make the walk to Fogarty's for dinner. 

I thought the Mahi was great at Half Shell.. this was unbelievable! Whatever this "Sunset Sauce" is was out of this world! 

I think Coach is finally getting used to all this picture taking.. Peace.

Love that smile!

We got this sweet spot in the corner on the front porch all to ourselves! Towards the end of dinner it started POOURRRING down rain. These pics don't do justice on how hard it was coming down. By the time we left there was only one way out because the entire patio was under water.

We all know there is a first for everything. 
While I am waiting on Coach to get back from the bathroom, I am approached by a group of people where one woman from Naples informs me I look like I am "here for a wedding". This chick has on a midriff with her ta-ta's hanging out and a white skirt that you could probably already see thru but REALLY could after getting wet from all the rain! She is pushing the boundary on where my bubble is so I quickly inform her that I am there with my husband. 
About this time Coach is heading towards me from the bathroom and I introduce them to one another. She really doesn't even care because she repeatedly puts her arm around me in front of him and keeps telling me how beautiful I am! Stranger Danger! She was obviously a little intoxicated and asked again about being married and we told her that we were there celebrating our anniversary. To make a long story short, this must have offended her because in the most southern mocking voice she tells her friend, "oh we need to leave them alone they are here on their anniversary." (I would try and type that in all country redneck but I don't even know how!)
She eventually turned back around to her group and left us alone, but after a short time her friend ended up vomiting noisily behind us.
SO.. needless to say I had had enough and we made our way back to the hotel. Thank goodness the rain had let up.



Tammy Jo said...

Looks like so much fun!! And all of that food looks super duper yummy

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