Saturday, December 28, 2013

Key West//Day 7

Had our last day reaalllly arrived? I can honestly say that at one point I felt like time had stood still and we had been there for a whole month instead of a couple days. Which was fine with me because I truly feel I could pack up and move to the beach!

Since it was our last day, we got up early and rode our bikes to the Southernmost Point for a photo. We had tried this a couple of days before but you wouldn't believe the line that had formed! And we got there just in time this day because it was quickly forming and we were there pretty early.

We got back on our bikes and headed to the beach for one last time only temporarily I hope because I would love to go back. To save a little bit of money we opted out of chairs and got snorkel masks instead so we could partake in capturing some of the sea life. I could NOT get used to 'being a fish'. I kept losing my breath and I was scared I was going to suck down water. After what seemed like forever, I did kinda sort of maybe catch on. I made my way over to the rocks closest to shore and did get to see some pretty cool fish. We had purchased an underwater camera before leaving the hotel so I started snapping away. 
I think I am a pretty good swimmer but it was so hard for me to just relax and float. I think it was all the concentration on not sucking down water, remembering that I could breathe under water, getting too far past the rocks, and touching the rocks. I seriously think I have a texture problem because I cannot stand to touch certain things!! And there were weird looking slimy creatures that were camouflaged into the rocks that you really had to look hard to see. No thanks. OH and the water was FREEZING!!!
It didn't take me long to pass off the camera to Shane and head back to catch some rays. I didn't think I was going to make it back to the beach. I was shivering from the cold water and I was just exhausted. I'm pretty sure the whole time I was in the water I was tense the whole entire time. 
I hope Coach got some good shots under water with the camera because he stayed out there forever and really enjoyed himself. We didn't on our Honeymoon so I told myself on this vaca I was going to snorkel. Now, I can say I did it and I don't ever care to do it again. 

This guy sat out here for the longest time. He was so pretty!

At the end of the day we hurried back to the hotel, showered and dressed quickly, for our last sunset on top of the hotel roof.

This church is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

We asked the bartender, Scottie, where we would eat on our last night. Santiago's it was! It was a tapas style restaurant and it was absolutely wonderful!
We shared a Pear & Avocado Salad, a Beef Tenderloin, Goat Cheese Tartlet, and Shrimp Chorrizo dishes. Just enough! If you are ever in Key West you have to check this place out! We walked there and Scottie said we would feel like we were off the beaten path, and you do feel that way, but you are totally safe. And it was worth the walk!

For dessert, we made our way over to an all dessert place that was supposedly a MUST on the island.

This was pink champagne with white chocolate around the rim glass. You couldn't have much more than this because it was way too sweet!

Some kind of coffee drink for Coach!

These were our desserts. I am a chocolate lover and OMG I can't tell you how delicious this was!

The next day we packed up and headed home!! This is the first time I have boarded a plane on the tarmac. Of course, I didn't want to leave but Coach was ready to head back home. Well maybe I wanted to come back home a little bit..

We had these gorgeous flowers waiting on us at home! Thank you Hopper's!

Coach, you definitely know how to spoil your Boo! This was absolutely one of our best trips yet! Here's to many more happy, healthy, prosperous years together! I couldn't imagine it with anyone else. I love you to infinity and back!



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