Monday, February 4, 2013

A horse walk and a slight trot too..

Yesterday was a pretty, sunny day with the exception of the wind whipping around 30 miles an hour. 
My goodness. I felt like the roof was going to blow off the house!

But despite all the wind, I was able to get together with my Sis-in-law and FINALLY get on Trio.
Soo much fun!

And he has come such a long way! Just like Tracie said, it's amazing what a little TLC will do!

Remember how skinny he was when we found him? So pitiful!

Well with a little team effort look how far he has come now!

Look at that big belly!

He definitely had some training in his day. He knows exactly what to do and he is rope trained..
(for all you horse professionals out there I'm not quite sure if this is the proper horse lingo)

All I had to do was pull on the reins a certain way and he knew exactly what to do. 
I will say I felt so high off the ground and this will take some getting used to. 
I am not fond of heights.
But it was so good to be able to spend time with him let him get some exercise and I am sure he enjoyed it too. 
He even broke out into a trot! And I am glad it was only a trot because I don't think I was quite ready for a full speed run.
We shall save that for another day!

I'm excited for it to get warmer and give him a bath. From the looks of him when he showed up in our pasture there is no telling when his last good scrubbing was. 
He may even feel like a spring chicken again!

He knew it was close to feeding time too!

I love how long his tail is and of course, I couldn't resist a little braid.

I have often wondered if the people who put him here, drive by to see how he is doing, and are thankful he is being well taken care of.


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