Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hit the floor running..

... Is literally what I did this morning at exactly 9:28.

Wondering what time I was scheduled to be at work?


Oh. my.

It takes me about 16 minutes to get to work give or take. 

My phone died during the night and this is my only alarm clock.
Thank you Mara for jumping on Mama's bed and partaking in a growling competition with Kylee.

THANK THE LORD, Coach and I went to the gym and I showered last night. 
(We haven't gone together or late at night for that matter in forever!)

I let the pups out..
Managed to put together a matching outfit..
Brushed my teeth..
Put my contacts in..
Packed a lunch..
Let the pups back in..
Kissed Coach goodbye..
Grabbed my "stuff"..


Powder and blush went on blind in the car and unfortunately, the hair was just what is was when I went to bed. Or should I say, what is was when I woke up. Thank goodness my workplace is a salon and what does a salon have in it??
Shampoo bowls.

Everybody do the party dance!

Speaking of doing a dance, I wanted to do a dance when I walked outside this morning!! The cool air felt soo amazing!

(I really would've done that dance too had I have time for it)

My attire today included, you guessed it, a SCARF!

No weather/outfit mishaps today, folks!!

My phone is charging as we speak write.
I am waking up on time tomorrow.

I really don't want to get to work again to find my underwear inside out.


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