Monday, September 3, 2012

More Engagement Pics

I had SOOO many SWEET comments yesterday on our engagement picture I posted in the Sunday Social post, and a request for more, so here they are!

It doesn't look like it from the pictures, but it was one of the most WINDIEST days ever!

I am happy to say that Scott Greene Photography, from my hometown, took our pics and he is also shooting our wedding! Check out his work... The shots he captures are absolutely amazing!

Hope you enjoy!

This is absolutely one of my faves! I love how the firewood is in the background. It has been there for a while now and I didn't even realize it would be in the shot until we saw them.

This shot was used for our Save the Date magnet we sent out to our guests.

Having a little goofy time here..

 Coach's Mom revamped the love seat for us. It couldn't have been more perfect.

And because I love Pinterest so much I had to try this pose! I saw a picture similar to this and couldn't resist.

All of these, (except for the first few), were taken around our house on the property. I had Coach carve the tree stump the day before, his Mom had the picnic basket and quilt from home, and I bought the flowers the day of. 

Myras Daisy Designs made the Save the Date banner.. It was EXACTLY what I wanted and had pictured!

Despite the wind and cold front that had moved in, it was still a perfect day and such a fun time. 


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