Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love my Job!

I seriously LOVE my job. 

I really do not have anything else in mind that I would rather be doing. Well, maybe besides being crafty, redecorating the house of some sort, or spending time with Coach. But, let's face it... none of that pays the bills! HA!

I feel blessed to say that I have some of the BEST clients, too. They are all absolutely some of the best people I have ever met and very loyal to me! Without them, I wouldn't have the business that I have today! And when I say my "thank yous" to the great Lord above, I thank him for blessing me with such wonderful people! 

Here are just a few reasons why I love standing behind my chair! 

** The smile that comes across my clients face after being in my chair..  It's a great and rewarding feeling knowing when a client walks out the door they feel better than when they walked in.

** I'm not stuck at a desk and I get to be creative everyday! People ask me what my favorite part about doing hair is and thats color. It is so much fun to experiment! Everyday is different and you certainly don't get bored! 

** I get to meet so many awesome people! Every client that sits in my chair is different.. every one's life is different, they have a unique story, and it's great getting to know new people, where they are from, and hearing their goals they are trying to reach.

** I get to be my own boss. This is GREAT for me because I am NOT a morning person. Soooo, I decide I get to come in a little later and work a little later. This works perfect for my clients schedule as well and ALL is happy. 

** I get to travel around to different hair shows and see the latest new trends that are coming out. I have also been able to meet some AMAZING people at these shows. (Pictures below)

** And last but not least.. I have the BEST Salon Family ever!!!! As a whole we support each other.. we have cried together, laughed together, and had some of the best times together. Love these ladies! 

Every year we do a theme for our Christmas cards. This was ours last year.

This was from 2009. Rock Band! 
(I will have to update later when I can get previous years on my laptop)

Having some fun!

Got a pic with Ken Paves! (Don't know what I was thinking with my hair at this time..  I guess I was just trying to bring the Snookie poof in before JS was ever thought of!)

After the Orlando hair show a few years ago. 

Denise with her Georgia Peaches in LA 2009..

Lindsey! She gives the best Spray Tans ever!


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