Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gettin' ready for a Weddin'!

We are still getting in prep mode for our BIG DAY in November!! 

I think I was so excited when Coach proposed that I didn't waste ANY time starting to get things done! 

Since Coach has finished up his summer season, (he is a travel baseball coach), we had a fun little "date" day and decided to go pick out tuxes! 

Actually, my day started with getting my pearly whites taken care of.. Anybody else hate going to the dentist?? 

I feel like I am going in for surgery EVERY time..



We decided on Chili's for a late lunch.. I sure did hate to eat after I just had my teeth cleaned but this chick was hungry! 

(snuck one in)

Anyhoo, we set out on our little tux seeking excursion.. 

I know it's probably weird to some people taking pictures of EVERY moment but when we are old and have nothing else to do we can have fun and look back at these fun times! 

While Coach was getting measured, I couldn't help but to notice the RED, BLACK, WHITE, AND SILVER!!

You know what that means!!

FOOTBALL SEASON is just around the corner!!

Go DAWGS!!  

I think I have subconsciously been thinking about it because some how over the last couple of weeks, I have managed to find myself grabbing black, red, and white attire out of my closet! 

In Texas -- Danielle spotted a salon chair.. Not sure if you can see it real well but it was pretty cool!

I did have on black sandals and black bracelets! 

Guess I'm getting ready to root on the Dawgs!! 

We even looked at rings for him today too so I could get an idea of what he likes and we stopped in at Menchies for the first time to enjoy some yogurt.. 

Boy was it GOOD!!

Coach started cutting the pasture down too.. 

It is seriously so peaceful out here on the 'farm'..

He even left these yellow wild flowers! 

And of course Coach loves having his yard cut down and the hedges trimmed just so..

He does such a great job and it cracks me up when the lines cut into the grass are just like a baseball field. 

Wedding day is approaching fast! 109 Days! 


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