Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday II

Today I am thankful for God blessing me with our gorgeous, warm, country home and a roof being over my head..

.. Thankful I didn't have to come in extra early at work this morning, so I could get to the gym to stay on track with my workout program by Jamie Eason..

.. Thankful for my Aunt getting her MNT massage license to fix the pain in my legs and feet.. She is really great and knows her stuff! She is at Whisper Massage if you need a good ol' fixin' to your body! I go back Tuesday and can't wait!..

..Thankful I have a new car now for eight months that cranks on the first attempt and doesn't cut off on me in the middle of the road (except when I try to suck fumes and see how far I can make it!).. 



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