Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mi Mara gets her CGC..

Remember Mara? 

You know.. my little B-LAB?

And how she was taking her Advanced Basics class at Pawtropolis to get her CGC certification??

Well, GUESS WHAT!!!!


We went back to Pawtropolis last night after being finished with regular class to take our test!
CGC (Canine Good Citizen) is a temperament certification program that tests the dog's behavior in public situations. 

Here are the 10 items you are tested on:

There was a very sweet girl there that was kind enough to take some of these shots of Mara in action!

Accepting a friendly stranger and sitting politely for petting..

Out for a walk!

Down on command..

Staying in place..

Coming when called..

Supervised Seperation..


All the testing wore her out! I am not going to lie, I was a tad bit nervous. Mara and I had been practicing but the last class we had she completely shut down on me and didn't hardly do anything because I was a little upset about something when we went into class. She could sense my mood and decided to "check out".

But she didn't last night!

And after I send in the paperwork she will get a charm for her collar similar to this one.

She gets so excited for a car ride! 
I think she knows exactly where she was going on our class nights.

I'm not going to look at you mom..... well ok, just a peak cuz that's enough photos...


And because I can never take enough photos here are some shots from class! 
Mara trying to show off for everyone, a handsome poodle taking the CGC exam also, and Mara intently watching one of her class mates! 

And, Mara just being cute.

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Lots of Love,


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