Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday!!!

My very first 


First, my Lord and my Heavenly Father above. He is always there for me and has blessed me with so much! It's such an amazing feeling to feel His presence and know that I can go to Him for anything...

...My wonderful, handsome, loving, and caring fiance!! 

Isn't he dreamy??? I cannot WAIT to call him my husband on November 17!!!...


With all the stresses that come from wedding planning it has helped me stay CALM and not fret the bumps in the road! It seriously is my new BFF!!!...

...Our dishwasher!!! 

After over 6 months of washing dishes in the utility sink, I came home a few weeks ago and my honey had our new dishwasher installed!!

WHOO HOOO!! It's the small things in life and I sure have enjoyed it!...

...My gift to do hair and to also recreate looks like this that my clients bring in! It's so much fun getting gals ready for their events! 

I love seeing their whole look together! 
The beautiful Miss Rebekah!

If you think happy you will be happy!!
Think positive thoughts! Don't get yourself down with all the negative!!

And Remember::


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