Monday, July 30, 2012

Cookout and A Baked Bean Disaster

Let me just start out by saying that I am NOT the World's Best Cook.

I seriously have probably 3 dishes and a pasta salad that I can cook pretty well. Coach is probably getting tired of those few staple dishes. As a matter of fact, I know he would love for me to learn how to be a "Southern" cook. 

Embarrassing for me to say I have even caught the stove on fire before just trying to BOIL WATER.. 

Sshhhh... Don't tell anyone I let you in on that. 

SO, having friends over for dinner makes me a wee bit nervous because I don't feel like I have the "timing" down just so or does the menu "compliment" everything well too. 

I HAVE to have a recipe to follow too.. there is no dash of this here and a dash of that there... My grandmother even got me a cookbook for Christmas a few years back called::

 It has honestly been a huge help.

But despite ALL of the above.. The Jackson's joined us for a little cookout last night!

Amber, Savanna, Ben, and Claire

LOVE this family.. 

Ben actually grew up with Coach and I met Amber several years ago! Coach was actually at Amber and Ben's house one night when she was telling him she was going to get her hair done that week. Coach asked her who she was going to see and she replied, "Ashley".. "I knew you were going to say that!", he said.

Now, where was I.. earlier that week I had found some great recipes to go along with our BBQ Chicken.

 I found 

Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes..
Zucchini Boats..

And I had a baked bean recipe.. 

This baked bean recipe has me scarred for life. Keep in mind here that I am branching out here for our cookout and trying something new. 

But SERIOUSLY who could mess up BAKED BEANS??!!

Uuumm, that would be Yours Truly.

I started these in the oven before the arrival of my company because it called for them to bake for 3 hours. After this came out of the oven..

..Amber informs me that is a pretty long time. I had no clue. Remember when I said I follow recipes to a T? I mean this stuff was BURNT onto the sides of my dish. I really thought there was NO hope to get this dish back to its original condition. (and fyi I took them out of the oven before its 3 hours was up.. they were SMELLING crispy)

dried. crispy. burnt. beans.

LUCKILY, we didn't have to make a 911 grocery store run because THANK THE LORD I had an extra can in the pantry, AND being the AWESOME friend Amber is she got the new batch up and going in no time! WHOOP WHOOP! 

I am going to start taking lessons from her, and in the process we are going to YouTube those kitchen shenanigans and then you will see her on the Food Network Channel! I, however, will not be in charge of any type of bean making. 

(We didn't let the guys in on that little mishap til the very end.. But Coach was wondering why I got backed up in the kitchen with getting the rest out of the oven on time.. HA!!)

These veggies were super yummy and they are organic from my friends garden! 

Don't forget dessert!!!
 I made us the Ultimate Margarita Pie! (from the 5 Ing Recipe Cookbook!)
Check out my 'shoe' pie cutter too! A girl can never have too many!! 

Savanna and Kylee
(she loved all the attention)

Here is The Ultimate Margarita Pie recipe::

You need:

1 (8 oz) package cream cheese, softened
2 packages dry margarita mix
2/3 C sugar
1 (8oz) carton frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 (9 in) gragam cracker crust

Beat cream cheese until fluffy. Combine cream cheese, marg mix, and sugar; mix until smooth.
Gently fold in whipped topping. Spread into crust, and freeze until ready to serve.

You can garnish with lime slices or sprinkle a few crushed pretzels on top. 


Remember when you are in the kitchen and you don't feel like you have done your best, think of my poor baked beans AND my mortifying moment when I caught the stove on fire trying to.. yes.. I will say it again.. boil water!!! 


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