Saturday, July 7, 2012

When the Husband is Away the Wifey Will Play!

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?

I do have a few original ideas from myself but I also love the ideas Pinterest has and, I must say, a good bit of them are pretty handy.

Like this Pin I found:

Who would have thunk it?
To put together base boards and crown molding for your shoes..

Anybody got a shoe addiction?

Coach does NOT understand it, but I think there is definitely an addiction here.

I do tell him tho that's the fun part about being a girl! We love fashion and whatever comes with it!  The clothes, the jewelry, accessories, and of course the SHOES! 

When Coach and I got together, the house was under renovation, and in time, different things in the house have gotten finished..  The closets have not been one of those finished projects.

I have been ready for a little order in those closets, sooooo....

.. Yesterday, his Mom and Sis and I went on a little fun Fourth of July trip to Home Depot to get this shoe organizing party started.

Never underestimate a woman and her abilities to get it done without a man around! 

(Although, I do greatly appreciate it when he is around.)

I got one 16 ft baseboard and the same of crown molding.
Home depot even cut them in half for me! 

Added to my list of items was adhesive glue and screws.

Unfortunately, I did not think to get shots of us glueing and screwing together the crown molding to the base board.. but it is SUPER easy!!

Here are the first pics of getting them on the walls...

... And a test run trying it out!
(I painted over the screws and the dried glue)

It's super easy to do and GUESS WHAT?!


I have made my fiance proud!
He seriously told me he was impressed and would much rather have this than the shelves we had first talked about. 

Coach's  precious Grandma even came to visit! 

Isn't she just stylin' and profilin' with her shades?

Tracie came too!!!


Growing up, I remember my aunts old farm house she used to live in. It was so pretty.
In the kitchen, built into the cabinets, there was a plate rack insert that I absolutely loved.

My BFF Amber has one in her kitchen too. I just think they are so unique and add so much character to your kitchen.

So I was SUPER excited when Coach's mom called me one afternoon with this cabinet she found at an antique mall.

I had been telling her I loved those, she picked it up for me, and refinished it! 

The picture does not even do it justice. 

I love it up against the blue, the red of the cabinet pulls color from our countertops, and it ties in with the adjoining dining room!

Are you seeing a trend here? Red is my FAVORITE color! 

The dining room looks super bright but the colors are pretty much identical.

Now to decorate! All I did was add the plates in the center.. 

... I stacked 3 cookbooks to add some height so the mason jars(love!!) wouldn't be hidden and I stacked up the matching bowls on top of the small platters.

It has been so much fun adding the finishing touches to the house! 
Me and Coach's mom had a great time putting it up too! She definitely knows what she is doing, too!!

I can't wait for Coach to check it out when he gets home!
(I left this one for a SURPRISE)

Well, I can't wait for him to get home period. 


Natalie and Lee said...

That is such a fabulous idea! I wish I would have known about pinterest while building our house! This would have totally been in my closet instead of the huge shelves taking up more space!

Enjoying your blog:)

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

It was super easy to do! I read where you moved into your house last year but if you move again you will have to remember this idea! :o)
Thank you for your kind words!

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