Friday, July 27, 2012

Puppy Update!

Do remember this precious pup that came wandering up my driveway?

WELP.. He just recently got adopted! 


You can read more about the story RIGHT HERE.

He is absolutely PRECIOUS!! 

I got the honor of going and visiting Mr. Grizzly at his foster home.. I must say Mrs. Tamela (and my FAVORITE Pawtroplis trainer EVER!) has taught this young fellow just right! 

He is soo sweet! 

So glad I got to see him again! 

Isn't he handsome fellow?

Let me give you a kiss!

This seems to be his signature pose!

Absolutely, the sweetest pup ever. Can't you tell that by his smile?

If you find a puppy or a puppy finds you, remember there are NO KILL shelters you can take them to and there are people out there looking for a companion! Please don't give up on helping it find a LOVING HOME!!! They will love you for it!


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