Monday, May 14, 2012

"Gardening" Interest and My LOVE for Pinterest!

for whatever reason lately I have been wanting to plant something.

I have never thought of myself of having a green thumb.. AT ALL. But, for our date night Friday night, I wanted to go to Home Depot and pick out some flowers for our yard... This should be interesting.

I mean, I have never planted anything in my life and now I'm going to go all out and plant a variety of flowers in the yard? Then there was the question of tilling up the dirt where I would be planting. Um, I'm sorry Coach.. Did I mention that I have never done any kind of landscaping ever?

After walking and looking around what seemed like forever, I started feeling a little overwhelmed in the Garden section of Home Depot..

So, as we were walking out, Coach spotted some Cactus and said, "Hey, why don't you start with something like this? They hardly ever need watering and maybe the little watering it does take, it will help you remember to water the ferns." HA HA! (Oh yeah.. I forget to water those things.. even though they STARE at me when I head up the porch steps.)  

So being the sweet, wonderful fiance he is, Coach helped me put together a group of cactus plants and this is what we came up with--

Coach even bought me this gorgeous pot that matches the kitchen.
(Did I mention he is the sweetest thing ever?)

Here is my finished product and I LOVE IT!!!

Red and yellow are two of my favorite colors.
And it never hurts to have a little aloe in the house! Reminds me of my Nanny.. Growing up and now still she has SEVERAL aloe plants.

And I get to glace at a little pop of color while I'm cooking! (I put it under our kitchen window)

Watch out Mara!! (I bet she'll only get her nose too close once!) ;-)

I couldn't get one plant in so I found a basket and made a pretty decoration for a small table we have in the kitchen.

Hey, I thought it was a nice touch. :o)

After, I got home today from Mama Jane's, I got the itch to 'redecorate' a little in the house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest and all the idea's that come from there. It's so addicting to 'Pin' and I can even lose track of time once I get started.

They have all ideas from recipes, to hairstyles, to vacations, crafts, even organization for your shoes and clothes--(this is what I need to get busy on)

Here are a few things I have made from inspirations off Pinterest:

This is the first thing I made from P.. I use it every week for reminders! AND, I already had this picture frame and the wooden letters. The only thing I paid for was the construction paper from Hobby Lobby and the felt marker.
Here is the tutorial.

Then, this wreath. It's made from book pages that are rolled into roses.
CLICK HERE for the tutorial!

I made this for our front door. HERE is where my inspiration came from.

And then I made these bottles wrapped in twine. They will be brought back out later on this year for fall decor.

Since a wedding is in our future and I did NOT want to spend any $$$, I started looking around the house for things I already had.

I found


The hydrangeas came from the bushes in the yard that had been dried. They were actually in another arrangement I made and
I had the extra rosettes left over from the wreath. I cut two pieces of the burlap and put them together.

The pecans came from our front yard I had collected last year. (they may be too fall-ish for now but I love them!)
Well, it's not Pier1 Imports but it has a personal touch from the Hopper house and best yet-- I got a whole new look for our dining room for FREE

I love mirrors too! They are so simple but can spruce up any room.
Here is a really cool website I found that gives you 10 ways to use them in your house!

Follow ME on Pinterest!
I would love to see your inspirations as well!!

Happy Pinning!


*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Your house is freakin GORGEOUS! Absolutely adorable....seriously!! It needs to be in a magazine...or on Pinterest! ;)

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Awww. THANKS SO MUCH girl! It has been so much fun decorating! Im soooo happy for y'all that you are back in your house finally too! I pray it continues going well to get back to 'normal' asap! :o)

Brittany said...

I love your blog and am your newest follower on pinterest!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thank you so much Brittany! Being so new to blogging, those kind words are so great to hear! Honestly, it made my day! Thank you so much!

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