Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The 3 Amigos

Meet our babies.

Kyli, Sox, and Mara
Coach has named them The 3 Amigos
They are THE sweetest things ever.. and no I am not just saying that because they are mine. ;-)
And don't be fooled by their sweet look.. they do get mischevious at times.. just like when kids get real quiet you know they are up to something.. yeeeaaaaahh, dogs do that, too.


is my sweet, little, high maintenance Min Pin. I mean at times she can be a HOT. MESS. I got her from a breeder in Athens (GO DAWG'S!)

when she was 5 1/2 weeks old and we haven't slowed down since! She has been with me thru thick and thin and can be the best little cuddle buddy ever.. well on her sweet days. ;-) She loves to burrow under blankets, (especially ones that have just come out of the dryer) and has a SERIOUS love for milk.. I mean this little girl comes flying from out of no where JUST as I am finishing with a bowl of cereal and just glaaarress at me, waiting for it to be hers. She loves her bones and treats and will go thru sit, down, and speak in record time to get it.

Since being out here on the 'farm', I'm pretty sure Kyli has felt right at home. If you don't know anything about Min Pins, they were first bred to hunt vermin and work as family gaurdians. Well, already in the past few months, Kyli has killed a number of things. It KILLS me, but I know it is in her blood. Moving right along.. She LOVES it out here where she is able to roam free and 'hunt' and soak up the rays outside. And be careful if you pull up in the yard! She will definitley let you know you are on HER territory! Bless her heart, she thinks she is bigger than she really is.

Did I mention she loves the snow?
Check this video out HERE *YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS*!)
And check out another one HERE

She. LOVES. It.

Being the mischevious, independent, energetic, and stubborn Min Pin that Kyli is, can be quite a challenge at times, but she knows when her Mama is upset and is always by my side when I need her.


is the absolute best dog ever. She was found by Coach's sister on a road near our house, she brought her to him, and the rest is history. She will steal your heart first thing! She loves being outside, has a love for any kind of ball she can fetch, and her and Miss Mara (we will get to her shortly), keep each other entertained by chasing each other in the yard around a certain bush. I am hoping to get this on video soon cuz I think we could win some serious cash from AFV! And you rarely see one without the other. They are definitely two peas in a pod.

 Sox will sit, give you as many high 5's, or Paw, as you want, and has recently caught onto 'speaking', thanks to her Daddy. Sox and Kyli have recently become quite the cuddle buddies BUT if anyone is becoming too rambuctious or too loud, here she comes to REFEREE! It's hilarious to watch these pups interact with each other.

She absolutely, DESPISES getting a bath! I mean what dog does like to get a bath but Sox would crawl into the hardwoods if she could when she hears its 'bathtime'. Coach has to pick her up and carry her to the tub! What's even funnier than that is when she does hear that word, she grabs the nearest bone and tries to give it to you like a peace offering- "Here you can have this bone just puh-LEEZE don't give me a bath!"

Such a sweet girl to be around.

And finally,

Miss Mara,

Too cute, right?

Where do I begin with this one? I actually found Mara on the same road that Sox was found on, last March, right in the middle of the road on the double yellow line. She was wormy, starving, and only about 8-10 weeks old. She came right to me and on the drive home just layed in my lap and fell asleep. After 'fostering' her for a couple of weeks, I started getting really attached. Needless to say, I could NOT give her to anyone else and she became a permanant member of our family. And the name Mara actually means DOUBLE in Swahili.. (I know, I know)

Mara and Sox became BEST BUDS immediately. I don't know if Sox kicked into mother mode or what but whatever it was, these two have been inseparable from the beginning.

Mara has THE goofiest personality out of all 3. I mean let's face it, she even looks goofy ;-) and that's what makes her sooo stinkin' cute! She is a bassett hound-lab mix and I love when she stands with her feet together. So precious. She snores.. and I mean she saws huge logs and has the deepest bark ever.
I always have a shadow when I'm working around the house- no matter where I am- she is there.. just checkin' on me.. makes me feel sooo LOVED.

AND, she is starting to show us her smart side. We have two doors on the back porch- one swings in and the other swings out- WELL, she has figured out that instead of waiting at the 'out' door for me to let them in, that she will just help herself inside using the 'in' door! And poor Sox is a creature of habit.. she likes to go out one door and in the same door. So if Mara is on the porch and Sox is barking to come in, she'll take her nose and nudge the door open and here comes Sox! HILARIOUS!! 

The Lord has certainly blessed us with a sweet trio of pups! They keep me in stitches and bring so much joy and laughter to me and Coach. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!

Here are a few more of my favorite pics of them!
Hope they bring a smile to your face!


FireFliez on the Lilypad said...

I would think you were insane if I didn't have 3 dogs, too. God bless us.....

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Amen girl! And yours are precious!

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