Saturday, April 28, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel and we're gonna get MARRIED!!

On the night of December 22, 2011, I got one of the BEST surprises ever! My boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Well, later on he asked me because I screamed YES before he could even ask the question!! But, we will get to that part in a few minutes.

It was a Thursday night and the last night I was working before taking off for Christmas. Right as I was finishing, the salon phone rang and it was Coach calling to check on me. Earlier, I had already thought how much better it would be if we could go out to eat that night instead of me cooking. (I LOOOVVEE going out to eat). Well, as soon as I suggested it to him, he was all on board about going somewhere! I thought, well that was easy! So after I finished closing up shop and was on my way home, I called Coach to tell him I was on my way. We made small talk with him asking how my day was and so forth, and when he found out I was close by he told me he was going to go ahead and put the Pups in their kennels and be waiting for me in the truck when I got home. (Oh yes, we have 3 sweet, sweet puppies- one can be quite the Diva at times)

Meet Mara, Sox, and Kyli. Can you guess which one is the Diva?..

So I get home, hop in the truck, Coach asks me "Is Rafferty's ok with you?", well yes honey it is, (because we all know we love those delicious, I'll-have-a-side-of-thunder-thigh, croissant rolls), and head to the restaurant. The ride there was great, conversation was great, the dinner was great- we had one of THE goofiest servers ever, btw. We finished our dinner and headed back home. On the way back I had mentioned that I could not wait to see the puppies. By this time, it was getting late and I had not seen them since early morning.

Now when you walk into our house, you walk into the foyer, to the left is a bedroom and to the right is the living room, and in the foyer was the most gorgeous tree ever that we had picked out Thanksgiving night.

I immediately let the pups out of their kennels and I walk into the living room to pet Sox and Mara. They were absolutely going nuts like they always do when they are let out of their kennels. I look up to find Kyli standing behind Coach, who is standing in front of the Christmas tree. As I walk over towards Kyli, Coach stops me and I see his eyes glance down towards the bottom of the tree. I start looking, and don't see anything at this time. Honestly, in the back of my mind, I am thinking "What now?". (Our lights went out on the bottom half of our tree a couple of days before) With nothing being said, I look back up at him and he glances at the tree once more. I turn my head and start looking again, and then I SEE! The most GORGEOUS, SPARKLY ring is hanging on the end of one of the branches!!

 This whole time I have been petting the puppies, he had come in, plugged the tree up, and placed the ring on the branch. I had NOOOO idea! I don't think I could hardly move but I remember cupping my hands over my mouth and saying OH MY GOSH!! When he realized I finally saw it, Coach got down on one knee and said, I love you! This is the part where I bent down, hugged him and said YES before he could even get the question out of his mouth. Now for whatever reason, out of excitement, happiness, etc, my giggle box turned on. I was sooooo happy!! But when I asked him if he had talked to my Dad, and his response being I talked to both your Dad AND your Mom, I completely LOST it. (What a MAN he is!) and what a sweet moment in our lives! I will never forget it and I cannot begin to imagine how sweet our wedding day will be.

Now for a funny moment. On the way home, I realized we needed food for the pups. Driving through downtown Winder, on the way to Ingles, we passed a thrift store that had an 80's, puffy sleeve, wedding gown in the window. For whatever reason I said, "Well, I can just go buy that dress and we can go to the courthouse and get hitched." There was a light chuckle from Coach but little did I know what was about to take place! AND he had the ring in his pocket the WHOLE time! I can't imagine how nervous he must have been.

(Later on questions kept popping in my head, like "What made you pick today?" He said that he had already planned to talk to my mom and dad that day, but when he realized it was the '22', he decided that was the day he was going to ask. We are big on numbers. My phone number has 22 in it and his birthday is on the 22 so it just worked for him! And the little sneakster had the ring for 2 months!)
I did not sleep a WINK that night! I was waaaaay too EXCITED! I think I even floated on air for the next few days!

(This was the next day at my FIANCE'S Grandma's house)

I first let my family members know about this awesome news, my salon family, and friends. We received so much love and so many congratulations from so many loved ones. It was absolutely perfect.

The wedding planning has begun and it has been so much FUN! Things are definitely getting done (YAY!) and the big Day will be here before we know it!

 (a gift to me from my Mom)
(Im a BRIDE!)

God has certainly selected the perfect One for me and I feel so blessed and am so thankful.

Can't wait to be Mrs. Hopper!!


Anonymous said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I found you from Neely's Social Sunday and I'm really glad I did. When my husband proposed to me he had been carrying the ring in his pocket the entire day too. He talked to my parents that day too, he knows my mom couldn't keep a secret so he called them as I was napping the day he proposed. Good thing they said yes huh?

xoxo Amber

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you found me too and enjoyed reading! It was such an amazing day when all of that took place! And, YES! So thankful the parents approved!

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