Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Progress...

As I mentioned here a couple weeks ago, Coach was ready to start working on fixing the dam. Well with a gorgeous weekend that was headed our way, he took full advantage, had a toy delivered to the house, and he, his Dad, and a couple friends got to work early Saturday morning. 
Getting the 411 on driving..

I got started on housework but tried to keep up with pictures in between. He decided to get a little practice in where he had first began digging up this annoying privot hedge with his tractor...

 The next time I looked out the window, it was out of the ground! YAY!!! 
 This thing has blocked so many beautiful sunsets.

Now that it's gone it has just completely opened up the whole yard. I LOVE it!

 I love how you can just see out to the pasture.

I took a walk down to the pond later on for some documentation for Coach..

 .. See what a pretty day it was? I couldn't wait to be outside when I saw it was supposed to be in the high 60's.

I was a little confused on why Coach wasn't driving and I soon found out that he got stuck. Hee hee.

The new pipe is officially in the ground!

I went back down later on, without my camera boo, another pipe had to be added because the first wasn't long enough, the dirt my Dad had delivered was being packed over the piping, and rocks were being laid.

While they were waiting on the new pipe, Coach took that time to dig out around another pipe on the opposite side that runs out of the creek bed.. this will allow that water to run into the pond.

Photo op.. so pretty.

Bad news, when Coach got in that evening, he told me the one of the tracks came off the escavator. Thank goodness it waited to happen at the end of the day, BUT he had it rented for all day yesterday too and couldn't even use it. So he and his Dad cleaned up all the privot hedge in the yard and made a HUGE burn pile. 

I caught the chickens giving themselves a bath while sunbathing. They were throwing dirt everywhere. I have pretty much given up on their coup. 


Coach was back at it again early this morning! Harco came over and put the track back on.. unfortunately it has been pouring rain, I washed and detailed my car yesterday.. you're welcome, so I'm not real sure what or how much has been able to get done. Rain has let up finally, and no one has made it back to the house yet, so I'm thinking that's a good sign.



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