Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday Farm Day

Sunday, Coach and I started our day off going to church, we made our way back home instead of going out to eat, Coach pretty much vetoed that since I had just bought groceries the day before and I started working on the chalkboard for my first belly pic
Afterwards, it wasn't too cold so we decided to take a walk to the pond. As long as the wind wasn't blowing it was so nice with the sun beaming in your face! Ahhhh I cannot WAIT for at least mid-sixties spring weather. 
Before we left tho, Coach let the Amigas out and what do you know, Miss Priss decided to roll in a grease spot from the tractor. At least it wasn't a dead animal this time... she likes that perfume too.. nasty little heffa. I guess she agreed that she smelled pretty bad because she got in the tub all by herself! Those ears crack me up every time!

We made our way to the pond and I wished I would have had my Nikon. My camera phone didn't do it justice for how pretty it was. 
It has been almost a year since he had someone come in and clear out around the pond and considering the time that has gone by, not much has grown back up.

We walked all the way around the pond, and in the future, it will be cleared out more, pieces of the fence moved back to widen the walk way, and some kind of shavings/grass will be put down for it to be easier to walk on.

There were several signs of bass which Coach was fired up about.. He can't wait to get the dam fixed and for the water to fill back up where it needs to be.. he was so excited just talking about it!

We stopped and gave the horses some treats and loved on them a bit. I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous around them for some reason.

And they always love Shane.. they were nibbling at his pockets where he had their treats.

We let the chickens out for a little bit for some grass.. I was too worried about keeping them out because we have had a hawk hanging out WAY to close to the house!

And finally yesterday, it was dry enough for my Dad and Step-mom to get one of their guys to deliver some red dirt for Shane's project to fix the dam.
I'm pretty excited to see it all come together myself! Especially, when the dock gets built! Whoo hoo! I have a feeling the Amigas will love it too! I see lots of bath time for them in the future!



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