Thursday, January 1, 2015

BUMPDATE // 9 & 10 Weeks

** 9 weeks as of December 19th

HOW FAR ALONG // 9 weeks

BABY SIZE // About the size of a grape

He/she is starting to look more and more human. All the essential body parts are accounted for, though they'll go through plenty of fine-tuning in the coming months.
His/her heart finished dividing into four chambers, valves start to form as well as tiny teeth. They eyes are fully formed, but the eyelids are fused shut and won't open until 27 weeks.
He/she has tiny earlobes, and the mouth, nose, and nostrils are more distinct. Now that the baby's basic physiology is in place, he/she is poised for rapid weight gain.

MY SYMPTOMS // I've just been tired still trying to wait patiently for my energy to come back.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Normal clothes although sometimes the band in my leggings annoy me and I have to roll them down. 

SLEEP // Needing more!


CRAVINGS // Just ready to be back to eating healthier foods all the way. I have tried and sometimes succeed but nothing really sounds good... AT. ALL. 

GENDER // We will find out the end of February! Dr Elder gave us a few options where we could find out earlier but I think we are just going to wait. I don't want to pay extra for anything we don't absolutely have to have.

WHAT I MISS // Workouts and good sleep. Always seems to be sleep. 

WORK OUTS // Ready. To. Be. Back. Like I was!!!

EMOTIONS // I couldn't really think of anything this week except I COULD NOT wait for our doctor's appointment! I was a little nervous too and Coach did awesome and was so sweet about calming me down.

DREAMS // None that I remember.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // Coach has been trying to get with Ben on starting to finish up some projects in the house. We've even talked about how we want to set up the master closet. Thank goodness for Pinterest and all its ideas.

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // Sox has been chilling, Mara just follows me everywhere, and Kyli has been attached to my hip.


We FINALLY made it to our Ultra Sound appointment! I felt like we had to wait FOREVER! It was the first time for me to meet the doctor since I usually see the Nurse Practitioner and I loved him! Shane really liked him too. He has also delivered several of my cousins!

Oh my goodness! I cannot describe the feeling and emotions that ran thru me watching our little miracle and hearing his/her heartbeat. It was at 150 and Dr Elder told us everything looked perfect! I was a complete basket case and honestly felt like the dr and his nurse were thinking I was acting like a lunatic. Uuum hellooo I'm SURE I wasn't the first that reacted the way I did. 
Our next appointment is January 19th and I can't wait!

Dr. Elder spent a good bit of time with us getting to know us and answering any questions that we had. I feel at such peace with him being my doctor and I know he's perfect for us! More and more people that I have talked to have nothing but great things to say about him.


** A little late. 10 weeks as of Dec 26th

HOW FAR ALONG // 10 weeks

Baby Hop is barely the size of a kumquat (getting this off my Pregnancy app. I have NO idea what that is) A little over an inch or so long, crown to bottom and weighing in at less than a quarter of an ounce. He/she has completed the most critical portion of development.
Tiny nails are forming on fingers and toes, he/she is swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm, vital organs are in place and starting to function and will continue to develop throughout pregnancy.

MY SYMPTOMS // I started feeling better and even finished my Christmas shopping for the most part Tuesday (Dec 22nd) with Mimi. I just make sure that I have snacks and keep my belly full so I don't get nauseas. I still got in the bed earlier than what I'm used to doing because I tire faster.
Then Christmas Eve came and BAM!! It hit me like a brick wall. The sickest I have ever felt. Shane had to help me get into bed, bring me crackers, the whole 9 yards. Oh. My. Quad. It was SO bad. Thank goodness my Dad had a Sprite I could have for the ride home.
Christmas Day I was pretty slow getting started but after I ate a little lunch at Mama Jane's I felt much better and was able to enjoy our family time! Coach and I got good nap on the couch too. Always something about being cozy and napping at your grandmothers house.

Mimi's caption was: What pregnancy does to you. 

Unfortunately, we haven't had our Hopper Christmas yet because my FIL Mom got put in the hospital with pneumonia, my MIL had the flu, and my SIL had the flu AND strep throat. Everyone is still recovering.

I feel like I can SMELL the teeniest things! Oh my goodness things are so strong!

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Still normal clothes.

SLEEP // Maybe getting a little more.


CRAVINGS // I craved a Paleo burger from a local restaurant on Monday and guess what? They were closed. I don't remember what I had tho after I found out they weren't open. Nothing really sounds too appealing.
At Mama Jane's I did drink some sweet tea. She always has lemon water for me but I just couldn't stomach it in the beginning. So strange because I seriously could NOT tell you the last time I had tea. I don't even make it at home.

GENDER // We will find out the end of February.

WHAT I MISS // Nothing is really coming to mind right now except probably restful sleep. I don't think I am waking up as much to pee or at least it doesn't feel like it.

WORK OUTS // I have only been able to workout a couple of times. I am seriously ready to get back into it without feeling like I'm going to barf all over the place. 

EMOTIONS // Just ready to get my energy back and be able to workout everyday. Even if one day just ends up being a brisk walk.

DREAMS // I don't remember any crazy ones this week. 

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // Him and Ben got some dates nailed down to start on the house's finishing touches! He has been talking to my belly more and more. The sweetest. thing. ever. 

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // I must admit I've been more cuddly with them. I feel so bad that I haven't been myself with them. I guess when you don't feel good and smells get to you, you just aren't yourself??

Having a good bit of time off to spend with family and just ourselves. I feel like we have been go-go-go or maybe its just me.
We got surprised with a few baby gifts. Mimi got us an awesome butt paste for the little one and a book Praying Circles Around the Lives of your Children and my Mom gave us this super cute unisex baseball onesie. Amber said if it was a girl she would be making us a tu-tu to match. So funny.
I mean I look like death.


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