Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekending // So good to be out of the house!

It's been awhile for me with weekending mainly because, well, I don't think laying around on the couch not being able to do anything is too exciting. It's good to be back!


OK, so technically this was done Wednesday but when there is a color moment you are proud of, you share! Took me 3 hours and she absolutely LOVED it!


Friday was a short day at work for me and a not-so-good one for Mara. This little girl had a broken tooth that had started to abcess so needless to say a trip to the vet for her was in store. This was after I picked her up after work and it's safe to say she was NOT happy.. wouldn't even look at me for a little bit. Thankfully, she didn't stay mad at me too long and seems to be fully recovered! She was having so much fun with Sox this morning running around the pasture.


No pictures for this but I was able to get a last minute massage AND a nap when I got home. Made me feel SO much better and good enough for date night Friday night. Coach and I ended up at Longhorn and what I was able to eat was delicious!


One of the Team Elite coach's got hitched Saturday right outside my hometown. It had rained here ALL week but Friday and Saturday it cleared up beautifully for their big day! I was sooo happy for them! The food was delicious and I had to make myself stop with the Pink Lemonade before I ended up with a sugar rush. 


FINALLY got to see American Sniper. We have been waiting and waiting for this movie to come to our area. Our plans were to see it Friday after dinner, but every show was sold out by the time we got to the counter. We ended up buying our tickets online yesterday and I'm glad we did! There was still a line at the door when we arrived.

Random: I had NO idea Sienna Miller played the wife??! I don't know where I have been! The whole time I was thinking man she looks familiar but couldn't place her with her hair being dark. Anyhoo, they did a great job! I was reading a few articles last night where Taya was interviewed and she said it was "eerie" at the similarities Bradley Cooper portrayed as her husband. It went on to say that she only trusted Clint Eastwood to direct the movie and Bradley Cooper to act as Chris. I'm interested to read his book now.
Have you had a chance to see the movie?
And two date nights in one weekend.. whoop whoop!! 

Hope you had a great weekend!



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