Sunday, January 25, 2015

BUMPDATE // 14 Weeks


14 Weeks
This was taken today.

14 weeks belly pic chalkboard pregnancy

BABY SIZE // About the size of a lemon.

Big development's for Baby Hop: squinting, frowning, grimacing, peeing, and possibly sucking his/her thumb.
The kidney's are producing urine, the spleen starts helping in the production of red blood cells, the liver starts making bile this week, and although I can't feel the tiny punches and kicks yet, Baby Hop's hands and feet are more flexible and active.
He/she can grasp, too, and if I had an ultra sound this time, we might could see him sucking a thumb.

MY SYMPTOMS // I've been recording everyday in a book the Dr gave me at my very first appointment. My memory seems shot these days. For the most part this week, I feel like my energy is making its way back but then there are still times when I need a nap and feel like I can't get off the couch. There were a couple of days that I was pretty hormonal, up and down. I mean, how crazy can hormones be??
One morning I cried thinking about delivery day. Thankfully it didn't last long and I got myself together.
My nails are getting soooo long! I don't like them very long because I think long nails are gross but I am loving how strong they are! Normally they break with me shampooing all the time but none yet.
I've been able to drink more water, wahoo for that! My goal this week is to try and drink even more.
The nausea has seemed to ease up but hit me again Thursday while I was getting my hair done.. I think I maybe ate too fast tho but not sure. It's weird to me that it's starting to hit me during the day, especially since it has only been at night.
My stomach was SUPER tight Wednesday night. Very uncomfortable.
And, I've had a little bit of slight cramping off and on, but Dr. Elder told me Monday that was probably just everything stretching and as long as I had no bleeding I was fine. Haven't had any spotting or anything like that at all.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Still in my clothes, but Friday I used the rubber band trick to "button" my jeans. 

SLEEP // I only had one super horrible night this week. Tossed and turned forever and then by the time I felt like I fell asleep hard, guess what?? Ashley had to pee, and from 5AM to 8AM I was WIDE awake and had to be up sometime soon after that. Oh it was horrible. 

MOVEMENT // None yet!

CRAVINGS // This week I craved a Longhorn house salad with Honey Mustard dressing. And I thought I would lose it if I didn't get it. We ended up at Ruby Tuesday's for the salad bar because it was closer and I must say it did hit the spot.
Nothing else has really sounded good and mostly I've eaten bland foods, except Friday night, I made the Cheesy Zucchini Enchiladas again, like Special K cereal, which is probably not the best, and I'm sure Baby Hop is thinking, "Can't this woman eat anything else??"

GENDER // Monday at the doctor we scheduled that Ultra Sound for Monday February 23rd. So exciting! I can't believe it's going that fast that we already have that appointment!

WHAT I MISS // Restful sleep, sleep, sleep!!

WORK OUTS // I only got two workouts in this week, three if you count mine and Coach's walk to the pond. We hoofed it back to the house because there is an incline that you wouldn't think would get ya, but it will get ya for sure.

EMOTIONS // Yikes. I can't even believe I'm about to share this. I mean if I wasn't embarrassed enough with myself after this took place, I'm about to post it where anybody can read it. So. Remember the night I didn't get any sleep? Well the following morning Thursday, was not very good. I was EXHAUSTED and before I knew it, was running late to get to the salon. Coach was up, and was helping me get Mara and Sox back into the house. Now, what I should have done, was wait until Mara and Sox made it back into the house but instead I was on a mission to get on the road, and walked outside while Coach was still getting them into the house. Sox made it, Mara didn't, and I think she wanted to go for a ride because she tried to jump in the car. The whole time, Shane is calling her up to the house and I'm trying to tell her 'on the porch Mara', but she wasn't having it. As I was opening up the car door and trying to keep her out, my knee cap hit the edge of the metal door, HARD.
I. Lost. It.
I screamed bloody murder and the two water bottles I had in my arms, went flying across the yard. I fired those things as hard as I could.
Total childish meltdown.
As I was driving down the road, embarrassment hit me, then anger, and then I just started bawling my eyes out.. you know the ugly cry and everything. And just about the time that got started, Coach was calling me. He was just checking on me and was so sweet and caring and did not blast me one bit for acting so RIDICULOUS! Just tried to comfort me as much as he could over the phone. Ahhh he is SO SO good to me!
He did tell me I had great form throwing for as much as I had in my hands. BAHAHA! So maybe Baby Hop will have some mad athletic skills!
Ok, so there is my embarrassing, ridiculous, hormonal story! Maybe someone reading this needed a laugh so go ahead at my expense! We sure did laugh about it that same night after we both got home.

DREAMS // None this week that really stick out in my mind.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // His face lit up so much at our Dr's appointment Monday. I just have to brag on him and say that he has been so patient with me and helps me so much.. offers to cook me something when I don't feel well, rubs my back when it hurts, and I don't think he has wanted me to bring in one grocery bag from the car! He brings all of it in himself even tho I say I can do it.
And, he has started calling Baby Hop, Boo Boo. So sweet he gave him his own nickname.

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // Once again they are loving more of my attention I've been able to give and I'm sure they were ready for this Mama to calm down after Thursday! 


Hearing Baby Hop's heartbeat Monday! It was 145 and there were lots of scratching noises that Dr. Elder said was him/her moving around. He seemed to be quite active! I could have stayed even longer to listen to that precious sound. Those appointments seem to go by way too fast!

Oh, and I must admit, the massage I got this week was absolutely amazing and much needed!



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