Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Letters

Dear Beach, looking at this picture, I cannot WAIT to be back with you again. It's been way too long since the sun has beamed on my face, the wind has blown thru my hair, and the waves crashed on my feet where the sand meets the water.  Dear Evening Fatigue, you have almost made me pull over on the side of the road several times this week for a cat nap, just so I we can make it home alive. It's a tired feeling that I just cannot put into words.  Dear Lavender color, please make me proud today if my client chooses you. I really, really, really need you to be awesome! Pics to come on Instagram either way, because she'll be rockin' a new cut too!  
Dear Sox, you have really out done yourself this week with your perfume. Oh. My. Quad. This is by far the absolute worst I think I have ever seen you apply the mess... all wet and steamy on your pretty fur. Don't you know I ain't got time fo dat right now??  Dear Insomnia (that's just started to rear its ugly head), I hope to catch you on the flip side ASAP.. I need some zzzzzzzz's in my life.  Dear MAC-Pro, I sent off my application and all paperwork yesterday for my membership. I was so excited to drop that envelope off at the PO that I almost skipped my way out of the lobby.
Dear Weekend, I like that I have no plans; however, I hope this is a productive one now that I have a tad bit of energy (when I get sleep) and a little motivation back. (knocking on wood)



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