Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Clearing

Way back, before Coach and I actually got engaged, he had talked to me about how he hoped to own the property behind our house and to eventually build a house down at the pond. After we got engaged, I knew that's where I wanted us to say our vows. Dreaming of this big day, I had always said I could see myself getting married on the beach, the golf course, or just somewhere at an outside venue. I knew the beach would be too far for a few family members to travel and being the sentimental person I am, the pond was such a perfect wedding site
Before we got engaged, the land went up for sale, he was able to buy it, and we had a wedding venue! I was SO excited! It is absolutely gorgeous here.

During the winter, Coach lets the pasture grow up and in the spring, gets busy with his John Deere. The pond needs some work also AKA the dam needs to be fixed. A few weeks ago, he got started on that project and had someone come clear out around the pond. 

Does this pile of firewood look familiar? This is where we had some of our engagement photos taken.

Scott Greene Photography

As pretty as this is, I was in TOTAL shock when I drove down here. It takes me a while to get used to change and on top of that, I had NO idea this much was going to be done. We first talked about all of this on snow day, as in "what do you think about this being cleared and that being cleared." And then BAM it was done. 
Communication people. 

I have been down here a couple of times with Coach and I will admit the new is growing on me. I'm sure you are thinking how silly of me but it just seems so bare and exposed.. whereas before I felt there was more privacy. 
One of my favorite things about the pond was sort of an "entrance" to "secret garden" if you will and that is gone now too. I am hoping we will plant a weeping willow or something like that in its place. Told you I was sentimental.

I joined Coach down here on March 31st.. he always tries to get projects finished or started before he gets busy out on the road. 

That's a pretty nice getup you got on there honey..

Water break.

You may can tell a little from this picture that the brush was taken out all around the pond. We walked around the whole thing and when we got back here, Coach gave me his vision on the landscaping. From what he told me, if we do build here, I could possibly walk out the front door and have a "track" right outside my house. 
I may could turn into a morning person for sure if thats the case!

BEFORE // March 4 2013

Back to work!

We rode back down to the pond this past Friday night and upon arrival we saw a turkey and when we got parked two geese came flying in and we saw them land in the water. It was beautiful! We could hear them coming from a distance, they flew in a small opening, and glided across the water for a successful landing. Oh, and we have NEVER seen a turkey here either. I hope we see her again!

These were taken when we got back to the house. I was trying to get pictures of the apple tree blooms and when I looked at what I had taken, I realized I was getting shots of the sunset in the background. I had to try for more!



Nicole Pipho said...

That's gorgeous! My fiancé would DIE to have that!!! You're very blessed! :)

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