Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Birthday, a Wedding, & a Double Date

Last Thursday was my Friday, and since I wouldn't be seeing my fellow Sassafreaks on my actual birthday, they had these waiting on my station for me. Beautiful flowers that are still pretty a week later. And these cookies were absolutely delish. 
Thank you sweets! 

Poor Sass had a cast put on foot a couple weeks ago, so her spring break was a little tough on her. This little gal likes to be up and going!! So Friday she and Amber came over for a fun art session. I had every intention on taking a picture of my dining room turned art studio and completely forgot! We had so much fun!

Afterwards, we filled Chester and Trio's bellies full of carrots. Snuggles wasn't having anything to do with us that day. 

Coach always gets me beautiful stargazer lily's. This arrangement is absolutely gorgeous and I love the added touch of the three roses that he asked for himself. He's wonderful like that. My card was absolutely perfect! 

Friday night was a Team Elite coach's wedding in Porterdale.. the venue was absolutely gorgeous and Coach and I danced our tush's off.

Isn't he just so handsome??
Love this centerpiece! May have to do this in the dining room when the hydrangeas start blooming. The MIL has tons of silver in her inventory!

The menu: ceasar salad, chicken and rice, bacon wrapped green beans, twice baked potatoes, assortment of rolls.

First dance.. love all the candles.

Gaaaahh take the picture already!!

Megan and Brittany

The beautiful bride Laura!


Congratulations Romas and Laura! 
Your wedding was beautiful! 

My request for my birthday was a double date with my favorites at Speakeasy in Athens. 

Take 1 of the group.

Take 2.
If you are ever in the Athens area you should definitely consider eating at this tapas style restaurant. We ate like kings and queens. Our table was filled with crab cakes, coconut shrimp, fried asparagus, spinach bread bowl dip, duck, steak frites, a veggie plate with mac and cheese, cheesy grits, collards, and cornbread, and we each had our own dessert. Bet ya can't guess what mine was!

 Here is to another wonderful birthday! 
A great birthday weekend at that. Definitely got spoiled on this one!
  (Thank you again to everyone who partook of all this spoiling) 
And can I have every Friday off please?



Megan said...

I still stand by the fact that he said "Blow me" and that those beans tasted like pizza.

PS your new summer hair color is ballin!

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