Thursday, April 10, 2014


Oh, hi. Remember me? 
Yes I am still alive if you had been questioning that. I am so sorry I have left my wonderful, sweet readers with the same post for the past seven days. 
Truth is, things have been a little crazy busy and I have had sort of an attitude this week due to... well, we are all mostly women here so I will just let you fill in that blank. Bear. Yes you could say I have mostly been a bear this week. My mind hasn't really been into focus mode either. 
But I am going to try and get it into focus today! This post is way past due but let me try and catch you up!

You may have already read about my surprise lunch with my family, Amber, and a few of the Team Elite ladies from Megan at Baseball Laces & Southern Graces. She is right. I had NO idea and was so surprised! It was so wonderful to walk around the corner and see everyone sitting there waiting for me! I couldn't stop giggling and smiling. Aren't surprises awesome?

Love some mason jars!

Chocolate inside!

My Mom, SIL Tracie, MIL Connie, Megan, Rebecca, myself, and Amber.. not pictured here, My aunt Tammy, cousin Gracyn, and Megan B. 

Beautiful hydrangea from Amber!
Love, love, love these handmade dishes from the bestie! 

I am so THANKFUL for everyone involved in making this another special birthday for me and all the wonderful gifts you showered me with.
Y'all sure made this gal feel purdy special!




Chrissy said...

I absolutely love those dishes!! I will definitely need to make a set! Are they sharpie-bake dishes or painted and fired?! :)

Nicole Pipho said...

Those dishes are darling!!!!

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