Thursday, April 3, 2014


I come to you today asking for forgiveness for being MIA these past few days.
It is Spring Break this week and that means I have been behind the chair 90% of the time. 
Busy, busy, busy! 

To catch you up a little bit, in other news, Sunday I had an early SURPRISE birthday lunch! It was wonderful! Megan over at Baseball Laces & Southern Graces was so sweet to recap this sweet lunch.. head on over and check it out! Things will slow down a little this weekend and I'll be sharing my point of view on this surprise shenanigan. 

I have my LAST sewing class tonight. I am so bummed it's the last class. Tonight's new project-- curtains. Wish me luck. 

I have been able to keep up with some of you on Instagram.. love looking at your photos! Can't wait to catch up with all of you lovies this weekend! Hope you have been able to enjoy this warm weather and sunshine as I have! Shorts for me today!!

Happy Thursday everyone!



Andi Morris said...

That hair style is SO cute! My name is Andi and I found your blog via Megan. I knew her in high school and she's one of the sweetest people. I can't wait to keep reading your blog! And I moved to KY after I got married, so if you ever come back, let me know and maybe we can meet up and go out!

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