Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

This week has been pretty low key and nothing TOO exciting except having the day off yesterday and spending some time with Amber for her birthday! Lunch was good and it was great catching up as always! It just needed to be a little longer. 

Linking up again for:

1. Speaking of Amber's birthday, I surprised her with this chair planter. Made and painted by yours truly. Customized in her favorite color and added a fluer de li on the back. 

2.. This cracks me up. Especially knowing I have to come in tomorrow at 7:30AM to do hair and makeup for a wedding. So thankful for the business God has blessed me with but I am just not a morning person. 

3. I'm REALLY trying not to complain and be patient but I cannot WAIT to get my regular phone back. There was a software glitch in mine and I am having to get it replaced. Been without it since Monday and this loner phone is driving me crazy!! I can't hardly type on it, not all of my contacts will sync, and I have missed a couple of phone calls. The latter part of that statement is kind of important when you do all of your business thru your phone. And I love taking pictures and it's just not really happening with this one. Off my rant now.

4. Yesterday, I received a request for the making of something similar to this for a baby's arrival in a couple of weeks. How CUTE is this? I love painting and doing crafty things so I am super excited to make it. I hope to get started on it this Monday!

5. I have always had trouble 95% of the time getting into these jeans... NOT TODAY!!! I have gotten a ton of help from a friend who is helping me with eating clean and so much more. Working on that post and it should be coming this weekend!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



Kellee the Caffeinated said...

I love that chair planter!!! So cute!!! and whooohooo for fitting jeans!

Kenzie Ashcraft said...

that chair is awesome!

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