Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Necklace Organizer

It has been WAY past time for me to get a few of my necklaces organized. There is an old door in the barn that I really wanted to use for this but, 1. there is not enough room for it and 2. I think I am going to make some sort of coffee table out of it. Sooo, I went to Plan B, found some inspiration on Pinterest, and got the job done!

I started out making a trip to Home Depot to get a piece of wood cut to fit an antique picture frame. Where did I get this you ask? From my MIL's inventory. 
Coach already had some stain in the barn so I got to work staining when I got back home. As you can see, someone was there to help me.

After I had finished this whole piece, Coach came in from bush hogging and informed me I was staining the wrong side. I will have to admit I like this side much better. It definitely has more character.

After I finished that, I grabbed my paints and added hints of copper to make the board pop a little more.

Love love all these knobs! 

I found all of these at Hobby Lobby except for the double 'glass' knobs. Home Depot.

I got into my husband's tools, drilled holes into the wood, pushed the knobs thru, tightened on the back with nuts...

... and added it to the picture frame in the guest bedroom. 
Which has really turned into my walk-in closet, vanity-makeup area, get-ready room.

I started adding my necklaces..

..and realized I wanted to add some decor on the dresser. I found this "A" I forgot I had and added the same copper paint for an antiqued effect..

.. I also found this gold frame I already had. I thought my dresser also needed a pop of color so red it was.. Favorite color ever.

Next, I added burlap and hot glued a rosette to the bottom corner. I already had this candelabra I found in Kentucky last July at a consignment store.

Drum roll for finished project....

Absolutely loving it!



Shesabigstar said...

It looks amazing... great job!

Nicole Pipho said...

I LOVE this!!! So cute!!!

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