Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A touch of Spring..

I couldn't help sharing this one. 
It rained early this morning and as I was leaving for work the sun was making its way thru the clouds. And of course I grabbed my phone for a little picture taking because it was so beautiful. One of my favorite things about spring time coming are the bradford pear trees blooming in the pasture. I love looking out into the open and seeing the gorgeous sea of white blooms. Can't wait for them to get even fuller!

It had gotten much cooler by the time I got home and VERY windy. The horses were enjoying it! They were running around and acting like a bunch of banshees.

The clouds were so pretty on the ride home. I wish I could've stopped in the middle of the road in several places and captured some shots. Oh well, I was still blessed with a beautiful ride home.



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