Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday

Linking up this GORGEOUS Spring Friday for 5 on Friday. I cannot be more thrilled with these warmer temps! One of my friends posted on Facebook yesterday saying anyone who saw her outfit definitely knew it was the first day of Spring. Well, I guess that went for me too. Now I just need a little bit of color!

1. Speaking of Spring, my Mom requested blonde Wednesday night at her appointment. I absolutely LOVE it on her!

2. Last night was my fourth sewing class. I am so sad I only have two more left! I ALMOST got my bag finished. 

You can't really see it but I split this huge pocket on one side and made it into two.

I am pretty sure Mrs. Ann would have let me stay longer to finish it BUT I already went over 30 minutes and had stayed late last week too. Next week I think I am going to shoot for a little bit of curtain making! 

3. Last Saturday while out galavanting, my car found its way to Hobby Lobby and I picked up more fabric. I want to make another bag and sell it.. I think it would make a great Mother's Day gift!

4. We haven't made it to the mountain yet this year but I am PRAYING we will get up there this Sunday or Monday. We are pushing it right here at the end of the season and I will be soo sad if we miss it. I mean Coach, you DID buy your own board and everything last year. 

5. Just love these puppies so much.

I made Coach dinner the other night and these Amigos were just a beggin' like they never get food of their own. Heffa please.. 



Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Your pups are just too cute!!! Love the bag!!! I really want to learn how to sew!
Happy Friday!

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